What if Chanakya would have been the Prime minister of India today?

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What if Chanakya would have been the Prime minister of India today?



Chanakya was a Teacher, a Philosopher and a Royal advisor. A Pioneer in the field of Economics and Political science in India, Chanakya played a very important role in establishing the Mauryan Empire in a time when India was divided amongst numerous rulers who controlled small regions of the nation until then. Apart from mentoring Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Maurya Dynasty, Chanakya is also known for authoring the ancient Indian treatise on statecraft, economic policy and military strategy called the ‘Arthashastra'.

In ‘Corporate Chanakya' a book on modern perspective of the Arthashastra, heavy emphasis has been put on desire to learn. An ideal Prime minister should always have curious unsatisfactory mind which constantly drive the person to find a better solution. Also, any person in the capacity of a Prime minister will be surrounded by numerous views and different people's outlook of every matter. It's true that a Leader should always listen to everyone's opinion, but the person should also keep in mind it is his duty to know what step to take and his decision will take a shape which can either bring in positive changes or drastic consequences.

As a matter of fact a movie has been based on this very complexity called ‘Chanakya Speaks – The Seven pillars for Business Success''. Similar situation is presented in front of a young management executive where the onus falls on him to provide a ‘Construct' to the business. He discovers Chanakya's Seven Pillars Construct and sets upon the journey to adapt it for the growth of his organization and his life. In the process he also meets some 'real - life' successful leaders of India's biggest companies.

Mr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, Author of ‘Corporate Chanakya' says, "Be it political or corporate sector, finally leadership matters. It's the leader who makes the difference. Chanakya says - As the leader so the country".

A wise man should be able to make use of the Sensible words of even a child. Open Door policy is a must for any leader to see prosperity and growth during his period in office; any person may have an idea that may turn out to be the solution for a problem which has been bothering you.
The characteristics of the ideal prime minister are simple to list down if difficult to accomplish. A Prime minister of India is more than the country's top politician. Since we have no Emperor or King, our Prime Minister, other than the President of the Country inevitably get pushed into being the keeper of the national conscience. The purpose of democratic leadership is to be able to ‘Respect the History, Administer the Present and Enlarge the Future'.

A commendable Prime Minister must welcome the public's revolutionary changes and delight in harnessing them in reformist directions.

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