Preparation Xavier Aptitude Test

by Ria Fazulbhoy on Wednesday 23 May 2012, 10:50 AM | Category: Strategy| View: 1180 views

This exam follows the format which is commonly followed by most of the other MBA exams. The time limit for this exam is of 120 minutes and an additional 20 minutes are given for the essay writing. The multiple choice question consists of questions of different types. The testing area comprises of questions from “Analytical Reasoning and Decision Making, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning”. Other than this, there is an essay also which generally consist of topics from the latest current affairs. The number of question for the 2011 format were 101 but they changes from time to time so no exact figures can be predicted.

The preparation for this exam is an important step as it requires time management to crack it. The most important thing for this exam is time management or how to deal with question's when the clock is ticking. The best way to do this is by regularly practicing the question with clock on one side. The exam have different set of question which are there to test our ability of managing time and to test our approach in solving problem under a limited time period. This exam also tests candidate writing skill by the essay method. This help in testing the general knowledge and ability of forming meaningful phrases of the candidate.

The Analytical Reasoning and Decision Making helps in testing math's which deals in the questions related to coordinate geometry , equations, functions, trigonometry, permutation and combination, number system, series, probability, compound interest, maxima and minima, logs, data sufficiency, integration and differentiation etc. This section requires a strong command on the formulas and other aspects of mathematics. The time management is a key part as the time taken to solve this section will be more due to calculation part in it. The Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation deals in different real life problems which includes single & two dimensional data problems and other problems based on tables, pie chart and line graph. This helps in testing the ability of dealing with daily basis problems and solving it in efficient and time constrained manner. The Verbal Ability test the ability of understanding the English language only with the help of different set of questions which includes the questions taken from reading comprehension as well as from grammar, jumble sentence and vocabulary section of language.

This exam is designed to choose the best candidate from the crowd who has ability to deal with different situation under time pressure.

XAT Entrance Exam Syllabus

1. Verbal Ability/Reading

  • Analogies
  • Antonyms (with a passage given)
  • Fill-in-the-blanks
  • Logical Ability Puzzles Reading Comprehension Paragraph Forming
  • Synonyms

2. Quantitative Ability/Data Interpretation/Reasoning

  • 2 sets of Data Interpretation Sets of Quant Questions Data sufficiency Quant Individual Questions
  • Functions
  • Permutations & Combinations
  • Reasoning (Weights of boxes)
  • Series
  • Simple Arithmetic Questions 

3. General Awareness

  • Geography
  • History
  • Management
  • Political Science
  • Quotes
  • Science
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