The team behind MBA Tips [Interview]

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Who founded MBA Tips?


Team-MBA Tips:

Our team at MBA Tips has four members-Omkar, Anish, Krunal and Robin. Omkar came up with this idea of starting MBA Tips and from there onwards four of us have been working on it. What you see on the FB page is a joint effort by all the team members. As far as the educational background of MBA Tips Team is concerned, Omkar is an MBA with specialization in Marketing and has done graduation in Computer Engineering. Anish has done (B&I) then M.Com and is an MBA with specialization- Finance. Krunal is a BMS graduate and has completed his MBA with Marketing as specialization. Robin is a Computer Engineer and has done MBA with Finance as his area of specialization.

Why did you start the page? What was the purpose?

Team-MBA Tips:

As we mentioned in the earlier question, all the four of us are MBAs. Every educational stream, be it- management or engineering or medicine has its own world. This world is characterized by its unique lingo, jargons, technical terms, exam procedures, certain issues, inside jokes etc. We feel that is what bonds all professionals, whoever they might be. For e.g.: Get two Management Graduates to talk about their experience of presentations and group discussion and they would share many of their experiences or say, in other case Get two strangers who are engineers to talk about their Viva experiences and they would bond over ample such Viva stories.

So our purpose is to create a space where aspiring MBA, students and alumni can come together and each can benefit by sharing experiences. MBA Tips is still a fledgling as compared to many other MBA dedicated communities/forums are concerned which cater to the MBA community as a whole.

In Social Media, gaining attention and engaging users is of prime importance because Internet is not just about routers, servers, backbone, hi-speed speed broadband, interfaces etc. It is about the People who use it. The Online Social World keeps evolving everyday with changes in interest of the people who form the Crux of it. It may seem a challenge but it's a good opportunity for people like us to seize the opportunity.

We felt that MBA Tips image series would be a good entry strategy to gain attention of our audience and make ourselves known. Starting with a Facebook page was a good way to start and we have experienced decent growth and have built upon a significant fan base since its inception. We are extremely thankful to followers of MBA Tips for their tips, messages and experiences. Now that we have become known to people, we would like to come up with even more exciting content and more tools to increase fan engagement.

How did it gain popularity that it did?

Team-MBA Tips:

Visual Content is today the bedrock of online social sharing. What we have managed to do is to capture the various nostalgic experiences which every MBA student invariably goes through and hence can relate to. While doing management, apart from studying, we (MBA Tips Team) were observant enough to notice the peculiarities of MBA world and what we are doing currently is, sharing them through quirky one-liners presented in a visual format. People today are more open to sharing information than earlier. In the Facebook World, we believe it's more about how many users “share” your visual content than how many “like” it. Because the more it is shared, the more it appears on different users' timelines and their friends' news feeds and this is how our reach has increased in a short period of time. What MBA Tips images have been successful in achieving is that our users/fans/followers have been consistently sharing our images since they can relate to it and want to share it among their friends. Also we keep our fans engaged by regularly supplying them with new content i.e. every day we publish at least one new image to keep the user interest alive. This is how we believe our images went viral.

Are you looking at making at making it into a website?

Team-MBA Tips:

As we mentioned earlier, starting on Facebook was an entry strategy. When we look at MBA Tips, for us as a team, we perceive it as an entity with a lot of potential, not just being limited to a Facebook Page. So hopefully we would start with our website soon. We have lots of ideas for MBA Tips and its growth. For e.g.: Just recently we launched a new logo for MBA Tips. A lot of thinking went into making the logo. We would like to communicate to MBA Tips' fans that we are constantly thinking of new ideas and though the images we upload might be funny; we are very serious and passionate about MBA Tips as an entity. We wouldn't divulge into details because that would take away the fun of the element of surprise, but the fans of MBA Tips can be rest assured that the road ahead is exciting and we will come up with new stuff soon. We wish that as and when we release the new content, we get similar support.

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