Money Matters : Does being a designer let you earn loads of money?

by Rakesh Mondal on Friday 11 May 2012, 11:52 AM | Category: Entrepreneurship| View: 1896 views

 Many people in the designing field ask themselves the same question and worry a lot about this matter. The thing is when young designers start off at their new/first job they usually have to settle for a relatively small salary, and although starting on a new job brings a lot of fresh enthusiasm to people, they slowly get disheartened because they worry that they won't get any raises in the near future. The heavy workload is also a factor. They have to work so much they feel like they are not getting paid what they deserve. These and more factors (some actually are logical) influence these people to have such thoughts. But since such an overwhelming population amongst the designers suffers from this crisis, this matter must be looked into. But we are not psychologists, so we won't sit down to decipher why these guys feel depressed but what we will do for them is to try and determine whether there can be a good earning to be made from designing or not.

Coming Clean : Laying out the facts.

Firstly, the bar of salary is decided on what amount of value you add to the company. Now you can be a mediocre/amateur designer and thus earn something mediocre or you can be a really good designer who isn't afraid of some extra work on his shoulders and is indispensable to his team, and thus earn a lot of money and surely in a couple of years you become rich enough. What also needs to be kept in mind is what is your definition of being rich. Because puts the matter to a whole new perspective (which is out of the scope of this article). Now taking cues from the world out there there are so many rich and powerful designers, like Donatella Versace, Giorgio Armani to name a couple of them. There are boundless opportunities for a designer according to what field of designing they are in. What you must keep in mind is that designing is a cut-throat field. There is immense competition to come up the best design possible. What sets the best designers apart from others is creativity, depth of imagination, originality and how unique their work is. So it's really about working hard to earn your dough in the designing world. If you are good, you'll have your own corner office at the company building. If you're very good then you'll have connections and the right ingredients to take you to the next step. Visual?UX designing is even more competitive, as there are as many as 4-5 designers in even the smallest startups. That creates an immediate space for competition for who does the best job. So emerging as a winner from this group is a tough job but with the right amount of dedication there is no reason why designers can't be rich.

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