99.99 Percentiler & Second Rank Holder Parth Dedhia ( JBIMS Student ) shares GD PI Preparation Tips

by JBIMS Mumbai on Saturday 5 May 2012, 5:00 PM | Category: Interviews| View: 8151 views

Parth Dedhia,

University Rank 2

99.99 percentile


GD Preparation

Range of topics/domains

The topics in CET GDs cover a wide range of topics right from abstract topics like ‘a stitch in time saves nine' to current topics like the budget to social topics like education or topics related to India, our GDP, progress to the IPL, etc

How to prepare for GDs?

The main thing here is to be well read and know something about the topics. So it is advisable to read about current happenings (the news paper is the best source), a little bit about India in general, facts figures and statistics about the country, a little bit about world politics etc

You can also read magazines like India Today and Economist to enhance your knowledge.

Strategies in a GD

Your aim should be to make 5-6 solid entries with unique points and these should catch the attention of others in the GD as well as the panellists.

It is good to make a start if you are comfortable with giving an introduction to the topic.

Also always try to give the GD a direction and a flow. Do not merely make good points, but make points that take the GD towards a consensus or a conclusion.

PESTL-political/economic/social/technology/ laws& regulations is a good format to follow. Ensure that your GD covers points on the above mentioned heads

If you find it difficult to enter the GD, the best way is to raise your voice, make an entry and then gradually lower your voice to your normal tone. Always use voice modulation.

Look at the other participants while making your point. Do not beat around the bush. Do not be verbose. Make crisp points. Listen to others when they make their points. Show interest. This is equally important.

On what parameters are we judged in a GD?

You are judged on your body language, the points you make. The depth in your points, the stats you bring forth (this does not mean you keep giving stats-give only relevant stats), how well you listen to others and then the quality of the GD in general.

In case I get a topic I do not know much about, how do I handle that?

In such a case, let other participants make points. Understand the topic from what they say. Then make your points. If you still have no clue then even summarising their points would be good enough.

Do's and Don'ts in a GD

Always look at your fellow participants while speaking.

Do not look at the panellists.

Maintain body posture.

Listen well. Do not shout.

Do not create a fish market.

PI Preparation

 Types of questions asked

Be ready with questions like why mba, what are your short term and long term goals, tell me something about yourself.

Speak well and with confidence. It is not necessary to know all that you are asked.

You should know the members of the cabinet and other well known personalities of India.

Your GD - PI experience

My GD topic was something related to banks. It was a new topic for me. So I heard the other participants and then understood the topic and then made my points. It was a peaceful GD , no fish market. Everyone gets a chance to speak, and the panellists ensure this by making participants who do not speak much summarise the GD.

I was asked why MBA, what kind of books do I usually read, a few GK questions in my PI, as well as something about my family business.

Finally, remember to just be yourself, give your best and stay calm. Success will be yours! All the Best!



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