Asmitaa Kumar ( member of media cell) IIM-K speaks with ManagementParadise

by Manasi Sinari on Monday 13 February 2012, 12:44 PM | Category: Interviews| View: 2837 views


Q1.Being in IIM-k how is the feeling

Ans: Having worked in an organization for around an year, it feels good to be back in academic life. Especially in this picturesque campus. Also the experience of interacting with people from all across the country, with different backgrounds is enriching.


Q2. What is your goal in life?

Ans: In short term, I would like to join a company where I can put my learning to the best use, and learn about practical aspects of management. I want to start off in a domain like finance or consulting and learn the nitty gritty of it. In long run, I plan to hold a position of responsibility where I can provide crucial inputs to strategic decision making of the company. In this phase, I would also like to contribute to the society to the best of my abilities.


Q3. What are the different types of clubs in IIM-K?

Ans:Committees are:

  1. Alumni Committee
  2. Backwaters
  3. Cultural committee
  4. Social service Group
  5. Entrepreneurship Cell 
  6. Media cell
  7. Mess committee
  8. Industry Interaction cell
  9. Konquest
  10. Sports committee
  11. Editboard
  12. IT Committee
  13. Merchandizing and Design committee

Interest Groups are:

  1. Abakus
  2. Mpower
  3. Omega
  4. Financially yours
  5. Konsult
  6. Hriday
  7. Atharva
  8. Economics Political Social Sciences Club
  9. Footvibes
  10. K-Dio
  11. KMatinee
  12. Music Club
  13. Prolitcult
  14. Theatrix
  15. Photography Club 

 Q4.Why did u choose media cell of IIM-k

Ans: Interacting with people from various strata of society has helped me to learn and develop on personal front. I was able to interact with media personnel when I held positions of responsibility as Member, editorial board at my college during graduation. Also, I got a chance to interact with sponsors for events I coordinated during cultural fest held at my college. In order to have a life time experience by being part of brand IIM K, I joined media cell at IIM K. In the challenging environment at b – schools all over the country and abroad, it is very crucial to gauge upon the interests of the student community at IIM K and to build upon the brand IIM K keeping in mind their views and suggestions.

Q5.What care has to be taken while performing the duties?

Ans: While reporting various events held, we ensure that details of event circulated in media are authentic, and covers the even in a holistic manner.

Q6.How did u become a part of media cell?

 Ans: To become member of any committee, student's council holds elections.

 Q7.How many members are there in media cell and is there any specific responsibility?

 Ans: 6 member from first year and 6members from second year and there is no specific responsibility as such.

 Q8.What are your duties as a media cell member

Ans: Media Cell at IIM Kozhikode is responsible for public relations and the institute's branding in various news media – print, television and online. It's the primary interface between the IIMK community and the media, and communicates the institute's activities and accomplishments to the outside world. Other than generating original content, Media Cell is also responsible for media planning for IIMK's flagship events, in tandem with various other student committees. Media partnerships, both on and off campus, materialize through the Media Cell.

 Q9. Can you tell your thoughts on the statement Media cell acts likes a spokesperson of  IIM-K

Ans: Our main responsibility is to bring the latest happenings at IIMK to the outside world, so that it creates a connect between our faculty, students, and the society at large.

Q10. Academic are hectic how do u manage both the responsibility?

Ans: Academics and extracurricular activities are equally important as far as experience in a b school is concerned. Also working with Media cell gives me a chance to work for something which I am interested in, therefore I feel it's exciting and so I easily manage on both fronts.

Q11 What is the role of media cell for big events like Backwaters and Echoes

Ans: It starts before the event begins; we publicize the events by partnering with several leading newspapers and websites catering to b-school aspirants and students. As goes the latest trend, we also leverage the popularity of social media to bring awareness about the event being held. During the event, we provide extensive updates to our media partners. Any other queries and feedback are also entertained and we provide an interface between the respective event committee and media.



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