My way My life My yavalution

by Saurabh Suman on Wednesday 1 February 2012, 12:41 AM | Category: Campus Articles| View: 1392 views
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    My way My life My yavalution

                            We have come a long-long way

From the wilderness of 60's

From the waiting class generation of 70's

From the country of beggars and charmers

We now feed the world through our Farmers

We have come a long-long way

From being written off before we started

To being a country to own nuclear warhead

From being a country of incompetent easterners

To give the world the largest number of doctors and engineers

We have come a long-long way

Now we should not let this fire die

To achieve the dreams we have to see eye to eye

                                    Do not let the small differences make the mind sway

We have come a long-long way



You just love your childhood don't you? No tension, no worries, no responsibilities, no headaches, no parental and peer pressure and moreover no tension to have a goal in life. But in 1920's there was a Jat child in the interiors of Punjab who had a dream, who had a mission and who had a drive to cause a revolution and throw the British rulers from India come what may. Yes he was all of 12 but he took a vow to overthrow the British rule at the massacre ground of Jaliwanabagh. His parents scoffed at the idea, astounded at the attitude of the boy who was just 12 and refused to buy anything foreign. They told him “You are too small to understand the nitty-gritties of the rule, you are too small to fight the mighty British rule, you are supposed to play, you are supposed to have fun and frolic and not plan to fight a rule which has been place for 150 years. The child said “Dad this is my life, this is my dream and no one and I mean no one can come in the way of my dream.”

Yes that man was Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh. All of 24 and he laughingly sacrificed his life to inspire the youth of India along with Sukhdev and Rajguru. Their last words were “kar chal hum fida jaane tan saathiyo, ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyon”and “mera rang de basanti chola, maaye rang de basanti chola” inspiring the youth to follow the path shown by them and fight till the country gets complete independence. So A man all of 24 thought on the exact lines my way, my life and my yuvalution and what greatness he achieved.


At the same time somewhere in the Arabian Sea a youth from Province of Bengal born with a silver spoon was coming from London on a ship. In his hand was a letter from Indian Civil Services confirming him as an ICS officer one of the most respected jobs at that time. But the man just tore apart the letter and majestically threw the shreds into the sea. Later he returned from London and defying his parents and society devoted himself for the cause of India's independence. That man took the Father of Nation head on and never repented at all. Singlehandedly he found an Army to fight the British and never feared for consequences. Yes that man was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose founder of Azad Hind Fauz and one of the great freedom fighters. Netaji devoted his whole life to India's independence and he never let go off his drive in pursuit of his dream.


As I am on the cusp of same age group in which these great men achieved something incredible, my mind is inadvertently forced to think and introspect that “Is it really the same India that they dreamt of”? They sacrificed their whole life to see a Bharat with equal opportunities, to see a Bharat without corruption and to see a Bharat without discrimination based on caste, colour and creed and what are we witnessing- a Bharat with most number of deaths of infants from malnutrition, a Bharat where most number of people sleep without any food, a Bharat where corruption is as rampant as people getting killed in the name of religion, caste, creed or gender and a Bharat where a select group of people without education and without basic human decency rule the whole 33 lakhs sq kms and 1.2 billion population of the country.


What those great people taught us to live your life on your terms. Do not tolerate injustice and discrimination. Do not succumb to any undue pressure and do not let anyone oppress you and dictate your wish. But what we see that people say ”yaar yeh India hai” “India ka kuch nahi ho sakta” “yaar jo chalta hai chalne do”and what we do? nothing. We go to pubs, we go to discos, we go to malls and theatres to enjoy life but we ignore the stark reality which is glaring at us with dark red eyes. We do not take interest in politics, we don't think it is important but when anything happens which impacts all of us, we say oh! These politicians are not good for anything. But do we go to vote, do we listen to discussions on various news channels to decide which is a better candidate? No we don't. Yes but we do reserve the right to criticize and scrutinize. We do reserve the right to judge and pass comment. But what we do? zilch! Zero! We love to bully and pass comments on people who study, who like to know about the world and who will achieve something in life. We immediately pass them off as nerds. Those martyrs in the heaven must be wondering and cringing what is happening down there in our country for whose future we sacrificed our life and never thought twice before taking that decision for that ultimate


But all that changed when one man not at all young by anyone's standards sat on that stage in Ramleela Maidan in New Delhi. A Ex Sipahi with Indian army wearing khadi roared like no one else in the recent times. The government took notice, the troubleshooters came running and youth of India answered his calls and came in numbers. The man out of nowhere started reminding of us the sacrifices by Bhagat Singh, Chnadra Shekhar Azad and Subhash Chandra Bose. The people know about these leaders but do not read about them as this thing has probably to do with some sinister agenda from a government and a party which has ruled us for a long- long period of time.


The revolution for Jan Lokpal showed that if guided properly the Yuva of this country can produce miracles and channelize the energy of this country accumulated in the people below 25 years who constitute the 50% of the Indian population of 1.2 Billion. 600 million people, just think about the revolution we can bring, just think about the changes we can bring, just think about the happiness and smile we can bring on the faces of lot of people. We should not strive to replicate some country or to gain some place in some council. We Indians love to hear false praises whether we deserve or not. When US president came to India and said some good things about India we were exhilarated, thrilled and over the moon. We don't scratch beneath the surface and we do not try to correct some systems. But all that changed on that fateful day. The people came in droves, listened to man applauded his efforts and rallied behind him like a great leader.


There were some other great developments going around the world at that time mainly in Middle Eastern countries as the great regime of Hosni Mubarak was toppled in Egypt. Muamar Gaddafi died a violent death in Libya, the country he ruled for close to three decades. There were other revolutions around the world and this probably rubbed on Indian youths and we saw those nationwide demonstrations and which brought the government to its knees. But there is one alarming thing which a sound mind must have observed that Indian Public memory is very fleeting. They tend to forget things very easily and for generations the politicians have made full use of short memory of Indians and there was no greater proof of this fact other than the turnout at Bandra-Kurla complex at Mumbai which was organized by the same man. It is not an isolated example that a man runs over 7 people in Mumbai while drunk and he gets out scot free then we cringe lot and a retrospective action is taken and what he gets 2 years in jail. Destroy lives of 7 people and you get 2 years jail. Is this justice in any sense of the world?


It was just an example but there are a lot of such incidents which forces us to think as to why do we tend to forget things? Why can't we keep the fire burning? Why can't we bring in a collective change when so many of us with sane minds and lot of degrees are here? Why can't we make people eat their share of meal when some of us have got more than we need?


We as Yuva Indians can really surpass the expectations and realize those dreams which were held so dear by our illustrious forefathers. The only thing which we have to do is to keep the fire in the belly burning and stamina of our mind and body intact.







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