My Way. My life. My Yuvalution.

by Parul Rajgariah on Tuesday 31 January 2012, 11:54 PM | Category: Campus Articles| View: 1444 views

My Way. My life. My Yuvalution.


-Parul Rajgariah, IMI Delhi

They say I am not ego-centric. I am an ego-maniac. I am the one who thinks that the world should revolve my way. I question things. I get upset when I don't see reason. I am the typical youth of today with those epic dramas in everyday life. I raise my voice and I need my questions to be answered. Well, to them I say… It's My Way. My Life. My Yuvaluation.

Why should I accept easily? Why should I not question? They say it's funny to give you voting rights, when you hardly seem to have any idea how your country runs. I say I probably care more about the country than my past generations, if not same. There is no scope for less. I see the people, I connect with the people, and I want to change the way things happen. I see their pain and I feel it inside. So today there are more entrepreneurs than were ever minted before by B-schools who are going out there and making a change. The ventures sought today are not the ones promising big cars and big houses, but they guarantee the change that I want to see here. I am capitalist-minded and fore-runner of a change, by going to the grass-root level and taking the bottom-up route.

More than 57% of the movie goers of the country are members of Yuvaluation (read: the youth). Consequently the movie-makers target the youth with themes that they can connect with. Cinema of a period is a reflection of the general channel of thoughts running in the society, with the youth forming an important part of the opinion leaders. So why does the cinema today have more societal concepts than ever? Aamir Khan (Taare Zameen Pe, 3 Idiots) communicates about the education sector, whereas Prakash Jha (Gangajal, Apahran, Raajneeti, Aarakshan) discusses politics, with special attention to youth driven politics. It is probably because the youth society is too mature for the regular Masala flicks and has moved on to the serious genre which discusses about his area of concern. How many of the youth watched Rang De Basanti and dint feel the urge strong enough to go out and bring down the corruption?

Now when I talk of corruption, who is it who forms the bulk of support to Anna Hazare? The youth since ages has been burning as he watches the bureaucracy, political bottlenecks, lack of opportunity and rich resources getting wasted. The tax payers' money converts into stinking wealth for the political leaders, stashed up in tax havens. I need that money right here, at a time when the rapidly developing country that we belong to needs for growth. Thus I question, I raise our voice and support movement so historic that the government wakes up from the age long slumber, sits up and gets alert on the situation. No longer will the lack of transparency be tolerated up there.

When asked, how does the corruption directly affects us? Am I not related to the section of people who loves junk food and believes in MTV culture? As long as I get that, do I really care? I think that's one of the biggest mistakes. Even though I create a following to the MTV cult, I still jazz up the sari and admire Gandhian principles. My opinions are globally-informed, helping me to develop a unique thought process. The highly distinct and incredulous characteristic of the youth today is this blend of old and new, East and West, which is ultimately going to lead to a different society. When I see the kind of development in the West, I think that the taxpayers are getting what they are paying for. There is social security, robust state support systems, infrastructure, and an ecosystem to bring up the people who have fresh ideas and innovation. Why do my law-makers take 5 years to draft a bill, 2 years to pass it, and another 6 years (sometimes more) to implement it? I have the most comprehensive Constitution in the world, but implementation is deplorably low. What is it that's wrong? It is the leakage from the economy in the form of corruption. As long as it's there, youth cannot get what he wants. I think the moot question has been taken care of.

In the words of Ratan Tata, the youth of India is born in an era full of opportunities. With the kind of struggle faced by him while in business, he says that he would have been very lucky if he were born some decades late. The ease of doing business is at its historic peak. This fact is appreciated by the youth who has taken up the challenge of turning around the economic scenario of the country. Liberalization happened in India in a big way. A decade it took for the countrymen to understand the new model and adapt to the changing culture. Trade gates opened to the West, flooding in forex and business opportunities. Indian youth who has been perennially associated with cheap labor is now the centre for leadership, technical expertise, and innovative business models.

The change is here. It is an awakening that the world has to take cognizance of. When I say I am the youth of today… It is My Way. My Life. My Yuvaluation. This generation does not sleep, and guiding philosophy can be very aptly summed up in the lines written by poet Robert Frost;

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

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