Neeraj Gupta speaks about his experience in opening up a educational venture

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Name -  Neeraj Gupta

Age  - 25

Qualifications - MBA, B.Tech                                             

Company's name and profile - Co-founder, FINTAC


Established in 2010

Q1. How is life at DMS IIT Delhi?

Life here is awesome. I enjoy a balanced life with academics and extracurricular activities. We have world class facilities at IIT for almost all activities and personally, I enjoy the sports facilities



Q2. What is your goal in life?

My goal is to see FINTAC as a leading training and certification hub.


  Q3.Why an educational Venture?

We ourselves experienced a gap at the time of B School interviews - we had no knowledge about management studies. This is a basic gap, especially for engineers who do not have much knowledge about management studies. Moreover, freshers applying for b-schools are at a loss when compared to people with work experience. We wanted to fill these gaps by offering courses that not only give you the theoretical knowledge of management, but also equip you with practical orientation through case studies from real life time.



Q4. How did FINTAC Click?

Well, its Financial Training & Advisory Company. FINTAC is an abbreviation for it



Q5. Can you tell us something about the initial days- what kind of challenges, struggles did you face?

The initial days were tough, though we still have a lot to cover .We had no idea on how to start a company and the intricacies related to it. All three of us, worked hard to set up the initial thing.

Our certification program course material had to be prepared and I believe that was the biggest hurdle for us. We had to approach many faculties of top notch b-schools to get the best course material for our students. Apart from this, we had a tough time setting up the test centers across different cities. All in all, life is full of challenges and that is what keeps us alive.



 Q6. What was the turning point in your business /career?

Starting FINTAC was the turning point in my career




Q7. Can you brief us about how is it different from other certification courses?


Our certification courses are for knowledge gain rather than being a mere certification for your resume, because it is the knowledge that helps you in the interview and not the resume. The course has been designed in such a way that it is concise and easy to comprehend. MBA aspirants can easily understand the course and gain knowledge out of it.

We focus on the practical orientation of the concepts. This is what the B-schools and the corporate look for, in the candidate.

We have flexible test dates which allow the students to take the certifications as per their convenience, and as the course material is concise – it is not a burden for the students amidst other preparations.





 Q8. Besides you who are all involved in setting up FINTAC brief us about the founders and profiles.

 I have two great partners - Anujay Mathur & Rohit Kumar.  Anujay is an MBA in Marketing and is looking after the offline marketing for FINTAC. He had a past experience in the educational line with Edumentor. Rohit is an MBA in Operations & Marketing. After graduating from NIT, he joined IIT Delhi. He is looking after FINTAC operations. I handle the online marketing as well as business development.





Q9. Right now you are juggling between your MBA and FINTAC. Is it too hectic?

Yes, it is hectic and its fun to overcome the challenge of managing a company and studies.




Q10. What plans ahead for FINTAC?

We plan to start some new courses; that is keeping us busy these days. Apart from that, we have a long way to go. Looking forward to reach more and more students to help them convert their job and MBA interviews.



Q11. Any message to young entrepreneurs

Be focused and think of the bigger picture. Failures will be there but they are a test of your work. So be patient and aim high.



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