DMS IIT Delhi presents Parivartan

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Let's Celebrate Ingenuity !!

Change and diversity are exigent in the make of today's managers and we at DMS are not only deeply aware of this fact but also follow them as a way of life. Parivartan'12, hence, pays homage to Evolution and presents an opportunity to the future managers to pit themselves against the best brains of the country on diverse platforms and stand tall epitomizing the very essence of survival. The one art, mastery over which would ensure your place, on the desirable side of the thin line between a win and a loss, is Ingenuity. 

Flagship Events:

1. UR Way: We tend to get carried away with ostensibly perfect theories which can solve any business problem without breaking a sweat. But very often these castles of false supremacy get knocked down by the most gentle breeze of reality.For people who envision the practical application of theories while others jot it down on paper, who feel confident enough to lecture the guest lecturer, who believe in walking the talk, who dream while the others are busy sleeping..DMS IIT Delhi presents “UR WAY”- show us your way of making business.

2. Corporate Roadies: We all sit and dream of a comfortable conference room with invisible wires running across and numbers dancing on the projector screen glowing in front. Jargons and estimations are our allies. Decision making and leadership shine in the armoury. The boardroom is a battlefield, with the round table not shining lesser than the tie pin clinched on you. Pens, cell phones and laptops christen you as a warrior and then you think you have it in you to become what they call as a Manager? The mind plays it all and the body serves what it is ordered to do. Do you think, once you step out from the comfortably air-conditioned room, the luxury of a car, the survival in the scorching heat and the ruthless world? Once the tech goes away, what will you be? Would you be able to fit in, 'the survival of the fittest' equation? The equation demands much more than stand alone mental fitness and physical prowess. The solution lies in clubbing the both. A brilliant mind with a daring attitude. We don't want number crackers or puzzle solvers, what we want is the breed of the people, who relish working in the most toughest of situations and apply their brains in the demanding circumstances. Parivartan ' 12 brings you the unsolved equation in the form of Corporate Roadies with just one question “Are you going to solve it ? "

3. Aayadhona: They say,“Everything is fair... in love and war...”We say,“The place to be is here... and this is WAR...”The lives of true marketeers have multiple facets to it. Innovating at will, monitoring the competition, selling the product as well as their ideas, keeping an eye on market trends – they needs to do it all! That too, with perfection.Do you think you have it in you, to meet the challenges of this herculean task? Are you good enough to sell ice to an Eskimo or oil to an Arab? Do you believe you have the ability to stand out among the crowd? To be the last men standing after a gruelling war?Welcome to Aayodhana, the Ultimate Marketing Fray! An event where your skills and your market awareness, are put to an extreme test. Where we put you into the shoes of a real-life marketing manager, and give you a taste of the life that you've chosen as your career. Think you're upto it?

4. DMS Ki Adalat: Get ready for a bumper Talk Show, where we invite eminent personalities from diverse fields such as business, corporate, politics, media, sports and Bollywood. Celebrities who share their anecdotes and experiences with us, giving us both a chance to hear their story their way and an opportunity to ask them stuff that we've always wanted to know about them.What is the story behind their success? How did they spend their childhood? Who served as their role model and inspiration? What has been their motivating force in life? How do they strike a balance between family and work? What was the one thing that drove them on despite the challenges they faced? How did they manage to stand tall even in the face of despair?Questions that each one of us has always wanted to ask. This is our chance to ask questions and get to know the answers. It is an occasion to know more about our favorite celebrities and understand their persona as it is behind the screen. So all the Curious Souls, Devil's Advocates and Seekers of Inspiration are invited to be a part of our event ‘DMS Ki Adalat' and enjoy an evening of conversation and fun.

5. Nut Cracker: Think of yourself as being among the best


Or as being a notch higher than the rest.Consider yourself confident and full of zest.Then you better be prepared, because we shall put you thru a difficult test!

NUT CRACKER - the flagship case study event of DMS IIT Delhi,Where a team of two will fight with the best to bring the ultimate glory to your Institute!!Marketing, finance, operations - you name it and we have it all.All we need in the end are three teams who under pressure don't fall!

6. In-QUIZ-itive: “I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive.” – Albert Einstein

 Curious and sharp minds, nail biting tension, hushed tones, twists and turns and a fight to the finish all for the coveted title. For those who are naturally inquisitive and curious about things that others take for granted, DMS IIT Delhi presents in-QUIZ-itive – a battleground that provides an opportunity to pit your knowledge against the sharpest minds in the country in the presence of one of the country's most admired quizmaster, Manimugdha Sharma.

Quiz is open for all corporate.


(Updates brought to you by ManagementParadise in association with DMS IIT Delhi2012)

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