IIM Lucknow’s Manfest Flaghsip events

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·         Tas Zeus: There is one leader, and all else follow
The TATA group, is India's largest and oldest conglomerate that resonates in every Indian's life. Think TATA, and you think of visionaries, pioneers and genuine leaders. TAS ZEUS is an experience that seeks to discover the leader in you. It tests your leadership qualities, your ability to combine a set of disparate resources by virtue of your commanding presence and personality; along with keen business acumen to create something noteworthy. Do you have it in you to lead a conglomerate of diverse business interests and multiple agendas? Come, find out with TAS Zeus.Finalist of Taszeus


T     The Next CEO: TheSearch for tomorrow's Leader



"A   "A   genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus." - Martin Luther King Jr.

IIM Lucknow's Manfest presents "The Next CEO- The search for tomorrow's Leader"; an individual leadership competition that seeks to identify that one champion who can hold his own against the nation's best business challenge. Open only to select B-schools, The Next CEO demands multi-functional expertise and that perfect blend of foresight, business acumen and the rare ability to make decisions under severe pressure. And of course, it demands the confidence and panache that befits a leader in the making.
We are ready with the most intense of challenges. Are you the leader we seek?



Mahindra Call for ARMS-The Battle of B-Schools



“A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon”, said Napoleon Bonaparte. How hard will you fight, for your institute's pride? For the title of National Champions? For INR 1,50,000 in prize money? Fight you will - some to win great glory for their school and fat prizes for themselves, the rest to settle for the honour of a fight well-fought. There are no promises in combat! 

Mahindra Call for Arms, the battle of B-schools, is back. And how! 3 days to wage war, 4 (and more!) rounds of pitched battles, 12 teams with the world to win! Mahindra Call for Arms is Manfest's search for that world-beating team. A competition that tests not only your managerial skills, but also your ability to perform, as a team, under tremendous pressure, against the cream of India's business talent. Events span the length and breadth of the campus and are grounded in core competencies related to finance, marketing, operations, strategy and HR. Do you hear the battle cry already? We do too! 

Prize Money: INR 1,50,000







 BI SBI BIZ Quiz: The sharpest minds of the country. Prizes dwarfed only by pride. Mitesh Agarwal at the helm. The stage is set. Form your team, craft your strategy, practice that war cry - Online prelims on 10th January, on-campus prelims on 21st January, followed by the grand finale. IIM Lucknow's Manfest 2012 invites you to its flagship, open-to-all quizzing event - The SBI BizQuiz.
Total prize money: INR 75,000 (Winners: INR 50,000; Runners-Up: INR 25,000)





Prp Profile Of Mr.Mitesh Agarwal:

Mitesh Agarwal is what we call a "Practicing Quizmaster". A prolific quizzer who conducts quizzes on a variety of topics, he works during the day as the CTO & Director of Oracle's Systems Consulting Business. Masters in Physics & a Mech Engineer from BITS, Pilani (he claims he ever understood a word of either of the subjects), his warhol moment came when he won the Brain of BITS contest (only because it was a GK quiz and not an IQ test). He has won several quizzes including the prestigious Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz, Landmark Open Quiz & the dyssey Open Quiz. He is one among the 3 idiots in the "Metaquizziks" quiz team from Bangalore. He has conducted quizzes for The Hindu BusinessLine AdClub, IIM(A), IIM(B), BITS Pilani and various corporates across the country. At Manfest, expect a volley of new quiz fundas and some high class quizzing action. You can be sure that Grey Does Matter!
Results of the quiz

        eduNirvana Presents Economist of the year:

ed    eduNirvanaTM and IIM Lucknow's Manfest bring you a multi-stage event based on Economics, often called the ‘mother discipline' in management. An event, open to ALL colleges, with a quiz-based first round, ‘Economists of the Year' will test your grasp of basic concepts in economics and the ability to apply them to real-life scenarios. The 2-per-team event will seek and reward a duo that can live up to its name, literally! Below is the link of Round I results :

Th     Yajna  Pan India CSR Challenge



        Though it is an integral part of any business strategy due to the sheer amount of recognition and goodwill that comes along with it, like any other endeavour CSR presents its own set of challenges such as aligning stakeholder interest with that of the venture as well as overcoming corporate inertia to do the right thing. Other external factors to that effect also affect implementation of CSR initiatives such as the slow change in society's outlook to the issue as well as feasibility of the project. 
Yajna's endeavour to target and resolve specific CSR issues and solve issues by bringing together students from the country alongside corporate backing and NGO competence to resolve issues in select cities. Students from across Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune work closely with select NGO's from their city to analyze problems on the ground and find feasible solutions.



 (Updates brought to you by ManagementParadise in assosciation with IIM-L Manfest)






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