One Year MBA Programs – How Needful it is in Corporate World?

by Swati Gill on Tuesday 4 October 2011, 3:44 PM | Category: Campus Articles| View: 1401 views

He who moves not forward; goes backward by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Charles Darwin in his book “Origin of Species”, he coined a term Survival of the fittest for some species which irrespective of their size, shape and physical strength sustained as well as increased in number even during the time when our planet saw various catastrophic changes. According to him, it was their ability to adapt with the changing physical situations that helped them to survive. In our world, where things change within a blink of an eye, adapting to any change is the key to the success, particularly in the corporate world where the changes are inevitable. Owing to a cut throat competition in the world of business, many companies are looking forward to hire people who have excellent analytical and managerial skills and who can tackle any critical situations. Viewing this changing trend many professional and graduates from different field have started to go for Part Time MBA programme.

Part time MBA or executive MBA as many call it, is a fast paced and specialised programme that is designed for working professionals or graduates who want to improve their career prospects in the corporate world.

In corporate world, where the profits and loss is the main force driving various companies, a highly qualified professionals having good managerial skills are in great demand. These professionals might or might not be having a degree in management, thus most of them take up one year MBA programme, so to sharpen their aptitude for management and to make sure that they move ahead in their career.

If there are huge profits, there is also a risk of incurring huge losses in the corporate world. In this highly unpredictable scenario companies need graduates and professionals who have exceptionally good managerial and administrative skills. This has resulted in many professionals and graduates take up Part time MBA so to hone the managerial aptitude, as this course covers many modules and areas of business operations.

Moreover, pursing One year MBA gives an insight in the world of business; the current and past trends, possible areas of profits and potential risks in the market. Thus, these professionals develop acumen for business tactics that can applied in the real life situations.

Apart from this, owing to an extensive study of the trends and operations in the corporate world during the Part time MBA gives them profoundness by which they can plan out brilliant strategies which help the company to deal with any situation; good or bad  and also gives a thrust to the company.

It is not possible for a working graduate or professional to take breaks from their job and pursue studies, as it might curtail their chances for any further promotions, especially in the corporate world. One year MBA programme provides flexibility to their studies, as these classes are conducted in early morning before the office hours or during evening, after the usual office hours, thus they can continue their jobs, along with studying.

In the corporate sphere, where qualification is given importance, resumes play vital role in deciding the fate of the professionals. Part time MBA can add salt to their resumes, thus increasing their chances of career development.

In the present scenario of cut throat competition, it is necessary that an individual requires keeping on moving forward and adapting with the changing trends. One year   MBA programme gives the essential skills and knowledge to adapt with the dynamic scenario of the corporate world.






Part time MBA programme gives a cutting edge to already qualified professionals, by honing their skills. It gives a boost their career, as they become versatile capable of handling multiple tasks.

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