Hindrance to Employee Engagement

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Saturday 20 August 2011, 5:16 PM | Category: Employee Retention| View: 2802 views


Employee Engagement I believe is a continual process and not a onetime activity. Many times firms do put in efforts in this activity but then too fail to achieve what is desired. Let us have a look at the some common but crucial things that can you lead to failure in this activity.

Communication when this gets eliminated the growth of this process stops, communication with the middle management is one way to engage your employees, failure of which can be the first and foremost step to failure of employee engagement.

 Now this isn't a one way process, even the middle management is responsible in developing this critical process and hence their support is needed. The evidence is not sort in words efficiently delivered by the company but it is sort through the supervisors as to whether values are being lived or no. sidelining the first and second level supervisors can be risky here since they are assumed to be prime evidence of this whole program.  

Another reason is delayed reporting. When employees take time to complete engagement surveys, they are typically eager to share their opinions, curious to see if others think or feel the same way they do, and hopeful that work conditions will change as a result of their feedback. When weeks and sometimes months pass before employees see the feedback results, they often start to think they wasted their time by participating, that they shouldn't have gotten their hopes up, and that nothing will really change.

With the feedback many times people are surprised when questions like their effectiveness or temperament is involved. If this happens, employees will instantly learn that it is not safe to give honest feedback. They will still think and feel the same, and probably worse now that they've experienced or witnessed retaliation, they just won't take the risk to tell you.

Employee surveys provide stern data on which to base human resource strategy and objectives. When an organization fails to measure progress in employee engagement, it loses its ability to track the return on investment for management effectiveness, employee loyalty, and various people programs and initiatives.

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