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Interview with topper of TYBMS.

by Nida Shaikh on Tuesday 9 August 2011, 5:14 PM | Category: Interviews| View: 2028 views
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Name- Khatija Z. Daudi  


College- Royal College


E-mail Id- [email protected]



Topper of TYBMS.


1.  Tell us something about yourself?


I like to make friends. I always want those people in my life whom I can trust. This is the thing I always ask from Allah. I am soft and honest person and like others to behave with me in the same way.



2.  What is your philosophy towards study?


I don't like to be a book worm. I always try to understand whatever I get as an assignment, be it projects or exam. I believe in fun learning. With all this you will not believe that I am the topper of my college. But yeah! this is the fact. I believe in studying without pressures. This is my philosophy towards studying.




3.  What motivates you to do your best?


The fact that my parents don't put pressures on me regarding studies, motivates me. I don't get targets for the percentage.. Thus I do my part by studying well. This make me feel free and I study by giving 100% to it.




4.  What are your future plans?


I am looking forward to have a good job with a good post. Good job meaning which gives me the opportunity to learn and do something productive. The work should also give me a chance to prove myself.



5.  How do you feel being a Topper? & what success mantra would you like to give to your juniors?   


It feels great when your hardwork pays off. I would just like to tell you all that please don't ever take pressures in your life both personal and professional. Take time and understand things to the core because this thing really works. Last minute preparations don't suit everyone. so analyze yourself and select a proper channel – preparing from the start or studying at the end.



6.  “Earning in 6 digits” is the motive behind doing MBA? Is it justifiable?  


Initially, I also used to feel that money is what is important after you are out into corporate world. But when I have actually stepped out, I understand what matters. It is your knowledge, your experience, your capability to learn things and your capacity to handle work pressures. So, I think that if you get to earn a decent amount for learning things go ahead. And for the first time in life, you are paid to learn. Nahi toh we used to pay to learn. Right!!!!!!!!!!!!



7.  Do you think the MBA course curriculum is at par with industry expectations? 


I feel it is the degree you are having which matters in most of the job profiles. People look for MBAs. What we learn in MBAs is the advanced version of what we have done during graduation. In-depth knowledge is given throughout the course. But still your experience and communications skills count in the corporate world




8.  Is the Name of the Institute from where a student does his/her MBA important while entering into corporate world?


                    Yes it  do matters!!!  


9.  What are your views on the Entrance Exams for Professionals courses? 


It's good! I mean they get to know about the level of the candidates who have applied. It's a fair thing. Apply, give a test and if you have scored well, get into the course. I mean this is what we do while we were studying also. We will be promoted only when we pass out the exam. Both the things are similar.




10. has been helping management students from the past 6 years. So according to you, how is MP and what you like in MP? Any suggestions for us?


     It's great for all the info which is displayed on it. Also we get to read things displayed on it which adds to our knowledge. I just want to say that you are doing great. Go ahead!!!!!!!!!!!




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