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balance scorecard is a  performance measurement tool used by most of the western countries in early 1990s. It was basically used by managers of almost all the departments in a company for keeping the record of work performed by the employees working under them and the outcome of there work. in its developmental phases it was used only to measure performance in financial terms ; butwith time it has been developed and used as strategy management tool to ensure that all the efforts of the employees working in a company are towards the vision , mission and objective of the company.

They say that it is impossible to evaluate something without measuring it. In business terms, performance is measured in different values, often by money to time ratio. Thus, to analyze performance of your business, you need to find aspects of the work to be measured. Almost all businesses use IT support. Moreover, many firms use special software to evaluate performance of the company to find out what needs to be improved. Of course, in tiny companies this software is not very popular since it is possible to evaluate everything without automated tools. But why do extra work which can be done by computer?

All business professionals would admit that Human Resource Department is an important part of any business structure. You may have the best technologies, output capacities and equipment but you may be not getting proper profits because you personnel is poorly managed. When HR management works at its best you will immediately see positive results. However, the work of HR department also needs to be evaluated. HR managers should always get better and improve performance.
When it concerns companies and departments with 200+ employees it is not so easy to find out who or what makes the company perform worse than expected. Employee A is responsible for negotiations, employee B does the calculations, employee C goes through paperwork. If one of them fails, the entire chain fails. This influences the company's overall revenue. Businesses must always get better, otherwise they will be wiped out by smarter competitors. In terms of HRM, one should always get better way of dealing with people and streaming their skills in the right direction.
For the purposes of performance evaluation thousands of companies are using Balanced Scorecard (BSC). What is a BSC? This is a mechanism of making personnel familiar with strategic success factors which are reached through key performance indicators (KPI). Different business and occupations have different KPIs. If we are talking about HR, KPIs mostly concern how efficiently personnel is managed in terms of finance and performance.
These days, many companies are using BSC metrics to evaluate performance of their HR department by key performance factors. So, let's analyze how BSC metrics can help HR managers and HR departments. In order to perform an overall analysis we need to analyze KPIs, i.e. those factors influencing performance of HR department.
Cost per Hire. By evaluating this factor you will be able to see how expensive the recruiting process is. This process starts from posting job offer to the moment when a new person is officially employed in the company. Logically, the shorter this process is, the least expensive is cost per hire. This is a very important value, especially if the company counts hundreds and thousands of employees. This amount includes expenses related to advertising, agent's fees, recruiter pay, relocation etc. to lover the average cost, a new person must be employed as quickly as possible.
Turnover Cost. These are the costs related to termination, new hire and learning. In other words, these are expenses related to integrating a new person into the company.
Turnover Rate. This value represents the situation in your company related to leaving and hiring new employees. Many people would agree that it is not good to change personnel too often. If the turnover rate is very high, then maybe you are treating your personnel wrong? Or is it something wrong with your business in general? Find out.
Time to Fill. Basically, this is the time needed to fill a vacant position in the company. Of course, this time depends on how well HR managers are working with recruiters, advertising and people in general. The shorter this time, the better performance of your HR department.
Length of Employment. This indicator is very easy to understand. It is possible to calculate an average value. For instance, in average an employee works 5 years for your company. Of course, everything depends on the position. If you are changing couriers or secretaries, this is not a big problem. But if chief managers work for your company less than a year, this is definitely not good.
Training and Development. Even if you hire the best specialist you need to integrate him into your company and train. Of course, you bear costs, related to training. If you manage to cut this cost without harming quality of training, then your HR department is doing a great job.
Salaries, compensation, bonuses. It is very important to know that you are not overpaying and allocating recourses wisely. This also concerns HR department of any company. With Balanced Scorecard you will be able to see how effectively company's funds are being used in HR branch.
Cost Effectiveness. It all comes to cost effectiveness after all. All above-mentioned factors influence performance of HR department which has one goal – minimize costs and boost performance. If you HR department manages to cut costs and at the same time increase effectiveness, you can be proud of your HR specialists who know how to keep pace with the modern bsuiness.
Balanced Scoreboard will help you evaluate performance of HR managers and find solutions to problems. Once you enter all data, you will see graphs and values in percents which will indicate how well HR department is performing. Sometimes, it is difficult to find what takes the department down or what causes losses. With Balanced Scorecard you will be able to evaluate all KPI to see what needs to be improved.
Use specialized software to measure your business performance
HR metrics is important for large HR deparments
As to psychological aspect, BSC metrics will make managers and employees more enthusiastic. If they know where they need to work harder they will do that to improve overall performance of the company. In other words, they will channel their energy, knowledge and experience in the right direction. It is very important to know own weak points. Using Balanced Scorecard, heads of HR departments will know weaknesses of their employees. It may be not a problem if the department consists of 2 people, but what if we are talking about 200? If people working for you are self-assured and confident, your company will surely benefit.
HR metrics is a must have tool for heard of companies and departments. How can you achieve your goals if you are not performing the way you expected to perform? Besides, sometimes it is very difficult to find the problem or the factor which takes the whole department down.
It may happen that your HR department works in dissonance with other department and branches. For example, managerial braches need more employees and HR department cannot find them on time. It is possible that costs for training one employee are so high that the company suffers losses for the first two or three months of his employment. It is very difficult to find the root of the problem. Balanced Scoreboard is the tool which makes it possible to detect the problem and offer solutions. If you neglect problem you will be simply wiped out by competitors. Of course, this is not something you want to happen to your business, is it?
Many managers never think of organization climate. Indeed, why should they? The company seems to be doing OK. The work is being done. So, what else do you need? Well, this is not true. You company would perform better if employees have a loyal attitude towards the company management. Do not disregard emotional state of your colleagues. It is very important to measure organization climate. With the help of anonymous questionnaires you will be able to get basic info on climate in the office and use it in BSC. HR Scorecard metrics is a very useful tool in this sense. What is there is a negative climate in your company? What if something makes people disagree with the company policy? Why not change this little thing and perform better? BSC will surely help you out here.
If the curve of emotional state goes down, then something bothers people. There is only one way to learn it. All indicators can seem perfect but the work is not done the way it should be done. Again, the answer might be found in emotional climate.
Balanced Scorecard is the best tool to improve performance of HR department within a short period of time. You do not need any meetings and seminars to get information. Of course, personal meeting will also let you know what is wrong in the company and what needs to be improved, but with specialized software you will do that faster and more efficiently.
To sum it up, it needs saying that HR metrics tool is a MUST HAVE instrument in a top manager's toolbox. This software will save you much money as well as let your earn more. This is the ultimate goal in business, isn't it? So, take advantage of IT progress to become a true leader. As a true leader armed with HR metrics tool you will always know what needs to be improved in your company. Thus, you will have all chances of staying on the business Olympus.
Balanced Scoracard will help evaluate business performance
Improve performance of your HR deparment with Balanced Scorecard
below is an example to explain the concept of balance scorecard:
Provide the highest quality support services to make UCSF the institution of choice for learning and working.
To achieve our vision, what customer needs must we serve?
Objective: Improve Customer Satisfaction
Description: Meet and exceed customer expectations.
o        Define services and validate our customer's expectations
o        Completed actions
o        Compile & analyze the point of service survey results
o        Completed Service Level Agreements for clients
o        Evaluate results from VCA&F survey
o        Develop service standards


To satisfy our customers and stakeholders, what financial objectives must we accomplish?
Objective: Reduce Certain HR Related Costs
Description: Identify areas of opportunity and implement methods to reduce costs
o        Reduce turnover costs
o        Turnover Rates (differentiated by years of service, job classification, etc.),
o        Reduce absenteeism
o        Absence Rate
o        Reduce worker's comp costs
o        Worker's comp payroll rate
o        Engage staff to identify areas of opportunities
o        Lost work day rate
Objective: Enhance the value and return on HR investment
Description: Provide high value client focused HR services to continue to be the HR provider of choice
o        Create communication methods regarding return on HR investment
o        Return on Investment measures (i.e.: D&T, FSAP)
o        Benchmark HR service costs
o        Cost of Services/100 FTE compared to benchmark


To satisfy customers and stakeholders, which internal business process must we excel in?
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