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A little too soon !

by R.Ajay Kumar on Monday 20 June 2011, 2:04 AM | Category: Morale & Productivity| View: 1331 views

In view of the fact that humanity is without end both surfacing on or on course for cloud nine ; but is by no means actually close by; our conventional thoughts of heaven can at any rate present us with a sense of bearing and a gauge of aspiration. For it has been ages since man has ventured into the unknown chasing El Dorado , Utopia , Eden all for the one purpose of seeking out a eminence. That eminence is manifested in the form of innocence. It is through this eminence that the most tumultuous of conflicts may be resolved in a jiffy.


To be alliterative but nevertheless, we seem to be aware than either consciously or being dragged by someone or some circumstance we are in never-ending quest for innocence. Some are trying their utter best to reach it, while some others seek it out only to eventually tear down it down. To virtuous and reprobate in a similar way- its significance is well-known, and revered beyond normal comprehension. For it is only through this eminence that men are able to forfeit their inner demons ; like the time when they hold their first born for the very first time – all the vices seem to vaporise – leaving only the essence-- which is human.  


Innocence is a long way from being an inoffensive or anaemic obsession. While it is so very easy to swindle and deceive the refined eye of the grown person , but truth be told – even the most accomplished magicians and illusionists dread the unwavering innocent stare of a child. Their unblemished little curiosity does well for their sake making them fix their eyes on the things happening around them, continually pressurizing the performer and force him/her to be on their guard at all times lest they make a way into uncoiling their trickery.

The twinges of erudition are trifling as and when put side by side with those of ignorance and petty simpering. If we set out to enquire some conductor (not of the bus but of the orchestra , you know the one that waves a wand around – setting the tone and managing the various instrumentalists) of the pains he went through  to pull off a simplistic yet elegant performance , you would definitely be surprised beyond belief.


Among the people who run through the realistic and abstract arts (think Picasso and M.F.Hussain) there are a certain few who, over and over again, have a word exactly on the generally elusive topic of the -innocence of the perception; that incalculable eminence which facilitates them to give the impression of being and distinguish between various egos and alter egos , thesis and anti-thesis- in the very same way as the nascent babies do, exempt from the allusions and relationships developed over the course of time by a plethora of experience and refined to reassume this nowhere to be found cleanness of perception once again ; but almost all methods to do so have met with disappointment so far.


A touch very much in the vein of it permeates the beguiling good judgment of those who have the endowment of divine insight. Fixations that are obscured from the far-sighted are divulged to the kids. It is not without sanction that many religious outfits maintain that for a fact –the conformers who are to be banked must be untaught all over again.


To cut a long story short –it is to be seen that the populace which daydreams of a Prosperous epoch in the times of yore or garners on an everyday basis - expectations of a vague future, they fail to attach importance to the ephemeral instants they can do without , a respite from  the depressing commerce of getting the frugal economy to put up 3 square meals for themselves and the people who depend on them, the gauge of the human race that is superior than the materialistic enclosure in which they are whiling away their precious years.


However it is extremely rare to find a competent leader who has constantly went out of his way and experienced adequate pains to rummage around for the universal building block in these desires. In the wake of all the diversities of cultures and the differences of fabricated awareness, reclines the bared nature of man, one that is predisposed and conniving for recognition. One can be lauded for being a true leader only if by perchance or by counsel he is pensive about the encroaching argument and has effectively carried the torch to its rational winding up, and acknowledges the pieces of evidence pointing out to the apparent trend that the populaces of this dynamic world are little by little becoming knowledgeable on their own account.


A lone individual may talk of the superseding influence of self-centredness rather than altruism; and the pre-eminence of trade and industrial being in charge of  our motivations and behaviour. Without doubt the unfilled stomach does crave for food and the nude body for clothes; nevertheless these are no more than the commencement. Once contented, they provide vigour and occasion to put across more seemingly “necessary” demands. To some degree, though pathetically misshapen and misrepresented, this inclination persists through life in the sweeping statement of compassion. Everyone in general too, hope to identify with and be implicit, and last but not the least -to exchange a few words I return. It is almost amusing to see that some people with no trouble manage to render this yearning is disenchanted and the affiliation corrupted.


In them, I must presume that  innocence persists if at all we are to stumble on it somewhere. Up till now there is not anything off-putting with reference to it. It exposes no factor of severance, abandonment or seclusion. in contrast, it is lively with the inclination to get up and and involve itself, to have a handle on to the minutiae of every single order. To articulate that it has turned on its own obliteration makes no natural nous vis-à-vis being devoid of any capriciously principled and visual sense – at the very least.

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