Autonomy - to what extent ?

by R.Ajay Kumar on Saturday 18 June 2011, 11:29 PM | Category: Politics| View: 1697 views

The recent fiasco surrounding the Union Government and Baba Ramdev has brought many issues to the fore , which our politicians tried to do away with in a clandestine manner , one which set up the whole nation to scorn at their representatives through any channel accessible to them , be it facebook , twitter , editorials , and many other public forums. The liberty taken up on the account of verbose and profanity of some of the posts is a cause of due concern , but is that all there is to it ?


I found it invigorating to observe this liberty. When I was a kid , I picked up swearing from a neighbourhood kid and there was no stopping me for weeks to come despite frequent reprimands from my parents—all it accomplished was to make me infuriated and resolute to swear at anything and anybody more than ever.


It's for the most part one of the fundamental laws of human behavior, as I would like to put it, the more we are shorn of something, the further we yearn for it , or don't we ? The greater they try to fasten the zip given to this or that subject matter; we try to unfasten it even before they are done.


To set an example straight, we don't need to look very far :  the splurge-drinking or obesity (due to overeating) cases that encircle us, the whole host of sex scandals on accounts of religious and political leaders (not that they are not amusing ), are enough to give you an idea about that fact that the stipulated traditional customs rooting for abstinence or any kind of total denunciation of contemplation or turn of phrase or proactive action can often show the way to hazardous end results. It is only by the time that we know that we can decide on our own discretion to do one thing or the other, that we suddenly don't believe ourselves to be as hysterical to do so, to make a decision that might sound stupid on retrospection, but on the spur , we do it nevertheless – in an inebriated by lack of control-state.


If it does come around, a period of time in our lives , in which by perchance our phrases and deeds are loaded with possibilities and prospective, we are more likely than ever to carefully pan out , sieve and finally weighing out all of the choices available to us in that time.


Potential is a influential word. Wholly good words are seized from our vocabulary, restraining the turn of phrase of a deliberation or an outlook on any point – and itn is not just on this occasion but many a times , words have been put in our mouth by many means including planned and perceived obsolescence.


We all have our prejudices about one thing or the other , be it premarital sex , homosexuality , creed , color , religion , ethnicity and last but not the least language of a particular group or an individual to narrow it down. The transgressions by Bajrang dal outfits during Valentine day are known to everyone – but it still prevails as there are sections of the society that consign their actions. So does the ethnic propaganda of shiv sena.


Not one but every other word, of our intricate and culturally endowed history will be turned over and maligned if we don't watch over and save it from anyone trying to harm it, legitimacy lost to a little assemblage's thought about the morality of certain issues and even in general –about what is right or wrong to do in everyday situations. These vocalizations keep an eye on—the Word Gestapo i.e articulating of phrases some might have us rebuff and put out of our mind – in a desperate endeavour to characterize and state the acceptability of an action or a work based on their long debased dogmas – a last cry of sorts to have more people conform to the failing following


By off-putting or disallowing freedom of speech and expression, we chisel off  a lot of potential from the proletariat and even more so from the up and coming generation. We are more eager than ever these days – in our organizations, at home and even in our social circle- to denude thoughts and ideas before they even have the occasion to give forth.


We put together our world in the order of many negatives – just can't , no can do , not today , tomorrow is a bit…., etc etc. It is our solemn belief that if we are securely imperceptible in what is up to standard and saunter that tapered boulevard, equipped with benevolent or nonaligned words, partisanship in organizations where we spend our lifetime engulfed by servitude becomes more easy than ever and conformity to their standards will at the very least enable you to get away with a great deal of mishaps.


It is all in your own hands, if you think of it as apt - you can refute who you really are sans all that cover up , forget all about your experiences that lead you to where you stand today and on whose account , people who tried and failed to do where you succeeded with half the effort and for all the masses that have been deprived of even the fundamental right to primary education, and finally of people that befriended you at various junctures of your life  .


Do you think anything productive will result from that train of thought and stream of action? As a matter of my personal nous, I believe that a child with an holistic psyche full of considerations and reverberations and the want to put them across and who has much privileged autonomy to determine out of harm's way and compliant circumstances learning the best way to exchange a few words about something trivial as it may sound to the listeners – is to be revered more than a subservient proletarian

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