”Life is all about Performance from Playgroup to a CEO of a company; isn’t it ?”

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Thursday 16 June 2011, 4:04 PM | Category: Human Resource Management| View: 2423 views

“The more you measure and motivate based on innovation, the less likely you will have a truly innovative culture.”



- Stephen Shapiro


Are you receiving an appropriate feedback for the work that you are doing at your office? Well before getting into YES let's have a look at the conditions wherein employees don't get feedback for their performance!

Take into concern the first case wherein you get employed your boss conveys you your responsibilities and daily karma of yours. You go ahead with your work daily and now your boss is connected with you by way of emails and voice mails. You carry on doing your work you aren't sure of what your doing is correct or no! There is no one to guide you with your performance; you assume that you are doing your work well since there is nothing coming from the opposite side.  There is no feedback here.

Take into concern another situation now; your boss gives you some work in the morning regards filling of papers and you spent hours doing it with care, and you see the next day your boss approaching you and yelling at you saying you have done a wrong job in a bad tone with a high pitch even your colleagues would notice that you are being yelled by your boss.  

Such kind of feedback considerably lowers self esteem and frightens the coworkers for sure which generates an atmosphere of fear + low productivity + sabotage + turnover.

The above 2 cases notify you of giving a feedback in really heinous manner and case wherein no feedback is given.



“Stick with your own perception of yourself—living in your own world—and letting your reality, not the reality presented by other people or particular situations, control your performance”


- John Eliot


Delivering a feedback is so simple have a look at the following steps:

Make the situation clean & clear for candidate/employee

Ask the employee what he thinks or feels of the situation?

Evaluate the situation and try and understand it.

Then create a savrakshan plan for the situation

Follow up later to make certain the situation has been resolved.

Now when giving a feedback has become so simple and easy and then why not understand the few mirch and masala that you need to add to your feedback dish to make it more delicious.

Serve the dish I mean put the feedback in writing. Serving the dish to loved ones will only provide you a chance to get known of how the dish was and hence please write and provide the feedback to the employee as well.

As each and every step in making a tasty dish is important in determining its taste similarly you need to inter-relate every step of performance appraisal.

What important points you need to note down here?

Being sensitive towards people's feelings

Focus on your entire team, not just the new members.

Feedback should be as specific as possible.

Think before you speak or give feedback

A funny fact until and unless other people acknowledge your dish the beauty of it doesn't come up and hence taking into consideration the views of the employee.

Salt less! Yeah its fact. Don't hesitate to give negative comments also do not over criticize.   


What's the challenge?


For this you need to understand the Behaviors & the Personality Traits

Remember to give feedback on what people do

And not on who are they and how they are!

Also, although most people believe they can change what they do.

Very few people believe they can change who they are

Make yourself clear of distinction between facts and assumptions

Because feedback is based on facts not assumptions

Fact V/s Assumption

Fact: - errors in the report

Assumption: - lack of interest in work

Do not forget to be “Objectivity”

When you focus on behaviors you can give examples:

Yesterday you came to the meeting 20 minutes late

There were three errors in the report you gave me

What examples give you is objectivity - because you're talking about facts - and feedback based that is seen as being objective is always easier to understand and accept.


What can this performance feedback give you in return?

It helps to strengthen the knots of Employee-Employer

Yeahh you heard it right, it helps to strengthen the ties of employee and employer prior you conducted professionally.

Appraisal ……ho jayega na! usme kya hai” is the approach sometimes from the employers side.

The study found that giving lenient reviews to employees causes them to underperform and lose motivation. Employees also may start to mistrust the employer due to the inauthentic review and attempt to gloss over behavior issues. Ignorance or leniency on the part of the employer can cost the firm itself although the span of the appraisal should be planned and well communicated to the employees and they don't find it as shocking news or breaking news in the office. Employees should be ready for their appraisal.   

In the majority of jobs, the performance of employees cannot be objectively measured which often leads to the use of subjective performance evaluations and people hate subjectivity. Because when it comes to subjectivity the same thing can be viewed differently by different individuals it is almost like a glass half filled with water can be viewed as a glass half empty.   

Hence it then becomes difficult to assess training needs KPI's and KRA's etc.

One more thing to purposely notify here is about performance appraisals being closely connected to target agreements as the evaluation of performance may be referred to the targets set at the beginning of the evaluation period.

Especially when variable payments are linked to the appraisal, the problem of distorted incentives can be mitigated which should lead to higher employees´ sort.

Also, the evaluation of employees is essential for making the right personnel decisions in a company which should further increase productivity.

Enjoy APPRAISALS..every time to experience it

At the end would like to say..”Life is all about APPRAISALS from Playgroup to a CEO of a company; isn't it ?”





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