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Desigining a Logo is Damn Difficult !

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Friday 3 June 2011, 6:06 PM | Category: Brand Management| View: 13642 views


A good logo design in theory should be able to create a positive first impression & should also create a long lasting one as well. Company's ethos, mission and products/services should be conveyed through your logo; a good logo also builds your brand and gives a polished, more professional look to your business. Practically, a good logo design should also be simple and works well in black and white. Why? Let's imagine again examples of excellent logos; Nike's swoosh Sony, Dell, and BMW.  That is why your logo needs to be simple to work well in all mediums. Clients often make the mistake in thinking that more is more, when in actuality less is more. The simpler your logo, the easier it is on the eyes and the faster it will register in your future customers' minds.. A good logo design should last a minimum of 15 years, as it might be costly to 'update' your logo a few years later.



In addition to impact, a good logo must be good to look at.

A good logo will be as effective on a business card as it is on a billboard - small scale and large scale uses.

Branding is a common marketing principle based on product identification growing out of identifying a product with a positive image and a sense of goodwill.


Another characteristic of a good logo is that it accurately represents the organization or business.

The Apple Computer "Apple" logo and the McDonald's Hamburgers "golden arches" are great logos because they are memorable to the point of being iconic.

A logo identifies a business or organization so it would be counterproductive to change it because it did not wear well over time.


Logos are part of a larger marketing concept. Promotional materials will require consistency to reinforce the company or product image. Countless memorable marketing campaigns over the years have associated slogans with a logo to hit a message home. Professional graphic artists are abundant on the web, and can be contracted to create a custom logo, or business owners can scroll through thousands of logos in logo directories.


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