Mistakes When Choosing A Diet

by Niharika Gupta on Sunday 29 May 2011, 3:46 PM | Category: Miscellaneous| View: 1066 views

You have decided to go on a diet and get your weight down to a healthy level.  But which one should you choose? Which one will really work this time? You don't want to make a bad choice and end up just wasting money and time. Here are some common mistakes folks make when choosing a diet and hopefully you will take heed and avoid them so as to choose the right plan and minimize the time on the diet. Never choose a diet that makes some incredible claim of unrealistic weight loss. These companies will boast all sorts of results with little proof other than a before and after picture of a person. Always remember that you can only safely lose one or two pounds a week.

And along the lines of unrealistic, never choose a diet that claims you can
lose weight but not change you eating habits or give up fatty foods. This is absurd. Think about it. Your overweight condition is more than likely a result of your eating and exercise habits with the exception of pregnancy. You are going to have to do something different because obviously what you have been doing does not work. So promises of results with no effort are ridiculous.

It is recommended also to stay away from diets that cut out an entire classification of foods such as no carbohydrates or no fat whatsoever. Always remember the word balance. Your body needs the whole entire range of food groups each day. When you cut out an entire food group you will quickly crave it and end up falling off the diet anyways. Plus, if you have some other health condition you could put yourself in serious danger. For example, people with gout should stay away from the high protein diets because the high protein only aggravates the condition.

Any diet that shoots down proven medical research should be avoided. If most doctors agree on a certain topic then you had better take it serious. For example, if most doctors believe that a starvation crash diet is bad then you should maybe research a little further and see why they are saying it.

This is probably the biggest mistake people make: They choose a diet that includes no exercise. It will not work no matter what the promoter of the diet says. You have to combine diet with exercise in order to increase your metabolism and burn calories. There is absolutely no getting around it.

diet plan that requires a significant cash layout on your part should be suspect. These are diets that want you to attend their meetings and seminars for an annual membership fees. They are also diets that require you to buy only their meals that are so much more expensive than going to the store, buying the ingredients, and cooking your own.

There is one rule in life that if you follow it will keep you from making poor choices with diets or anything for that matter. The rule is that if it is too good to be true then it is probably not true. Some diet that says you will loose 40 pounds in two weeks is too good to be true. And of course
, their advice or plan will not be free. It will require you to spend something to find out it was too good to be true.

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