Sometimes I do Think Can We Earn More in fewer Time

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Thursday 26 May 2011, 12:40 PM | Category: Strategy| View: 1053 views


If you're working at a job, you can only earn more money in 2 ways:

Working more hours

Getting a pay raise

Unfortunately, getting a pay raise also usually means more responsibility and more hours at work.


So what's the big secret to earning more money and working fewer hours?

The short answer is: Have something else do the work for you.

Don't worry, there's nothing underhanded or illegal about this.

There are two basic ways that you can work less and earn more:

Start a business that earns money whether you're there or not.

If you don't have the money to start a full time business or franchise, start something part-time and build it up slowly. Take the time to start building your new business and your investments. In the future they can earn the money for you while you spend time doing what you want.


Being knowledgeable in the area of health and wellness, you can supplement your income by writing articles or books. Invest their time and energy writing the book once. But once the book is published, they make money every time someone buys their book. The author can be traveling, sleeping or even working on another business all together, and still be getting paid. Even long after they have passed away, their families still benefit from their work. Finding ways to earn residual income allows you to create wealth not only for yourself but also your loved ones for generations to come.

 You might experience that short call you had to answer became a 30 minute delay.  The email you once answered for a non-client has produced 10 additional emails and help requests from the same person…who still hasn't purchased. A  That individual who stopped by your office for a quick word with you is still here after one hour.

 logging for money has a similar business model as an affiliate site, although it takes more maintenance. However, if you enjoy blogging on a frequent basis, then it certainly won't feel like work. Once you build a steady readership, then a donation button and some Google ads will send a little extra cash your way.


EBay is the easiest way to become an instant entrepreneur. You can make quick cash by selling your unwanted things or you can buy things specifically for reselling on eBay. There are many people who make a full-time living as an eBay seller, which can hardly be considered hard work

 Unless you take big risks, you won't get rich on Wall Street. However, with some research, you can make safe choices with stocks and later get a cash return on your investment.



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