Home Loan Refinance Strategies

by Niharika Gupta on Friday 20 May 2011, 4:26 PM | Category: Finance| View: 1570 views


If you have been wondering at the excess payments you have been doing all through, here is a great escape. For the uninitiated you can always refinance home loans. There are different ploys and strategies through which you can save both time and money, meanwhile keeping promise of regular payments.
What is home loan refinance?
Suppose you have been paying $X every month through one bank for 15 years. You took the home loan as you obviously were unable to pay the whole sum then. However, after a time, provided you have never defaulted, you can switch banks or financial institutions to get relief and lesser rates.

Some banks in Australia do have less percentage of NPA and can offer reduced rates at least up to some years. They can reduce your years of paying interest for
home loans too. You can also adopt certain strategies for such refinancing.

Get your credit profile immaculate 
Try taking multiple loans and keep it safe. Pay these loans back in 3 years. Check whether the interests on these loans are balanced by the advantage you will get through home loan
refinance. Never ignore processing, upfront fee and hidden costs. Thus you upgrade your credit history and another bank will openly offer you terrific rates.

Go for home upgrade
you can have changes specifically in your drawing room. Get your courtyard and driveway in fine fettle. These features generally appreciate evaluation of your house. Since you place your home as collateral while taking
home loans, you will of course be considered for better rates.

Keep cordial relation with certain bankers
Bankers spend their entire time in monetary fluctuations. They have an idea as to when rates will begin to rise or fall. RBA anyhow has a strict code for changing rates. They can also help you in bagging home loan refinance at loveable odds.
Go for foreclosure

Make a plan to pay interest for four quarters in three. Then after three years, go for foreclosing a certain percentage of your home loan. This will save your time and as the principle goes down
, so will your rates automatically.

Fixed or floating
suppose you went for floating rates initially and are feeling due pressure. Adopt
fixed rates this time with other banks. Also impress them with referrals and other transactions or plans that may make them happy. Try to keep rates of interest within means.

Use your equity
you can use equity in an inherited house or other valuable articles like cars. This reduces your home loans interest considerably.

Mortgage brokers
Mortgage refinance brokers are replete with ideas on how to make your life easy. They will take their commission but this is a tactic that helps both sides. You should be a good negotiator however. Use a mixture of cajoling and being tough.

Online assistance
You can also surf different banks online to get their quotes. Some banks come with unique offers that you may avail especially for home loan refinance. Be diligent in calculating your savings. Penny saved is penny earned.
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