Motivating employees in Many ways

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Friday 20 May 2011, 2:27 PM | Category: Morale & Productivity| View: 1804 views



Sub-goals are a useful strategy in motivating employees. Make sure there are clear rewards when these sub-goals have been accomplished. An example of this is offering a staff party or lunch for regaining a certain number of accounts in one month.


Monetary rewards are always popular amongst employees. Small monetary incentives, such as a $5 gift certificate for a coffee shop, for challenges around the office will motivate employees to work harder.


Allow your employees to make rules around the office. Giving employees a certain amount of power helps increase morale. While higher-ranking employees still have the ability to pass or decline what the others suggest, it still allows the general office employees to express their own opinions and suggestions.


You could strategically make it a working lunch and discuss recent work related topics or provide a learning seminar for all of your employees at the same time. Your employees' will be gaining industry-related information as well as appreciating the generosity of a free lunch.


Birthday celebrations are another easy way to boost employee morale. A small management budget and a few bucks pitched in by other employees can cover birthday related expenses. These celebrations are greatly appreciated by employees and also create a positive atmosphere around the office.


Missions Statements can be an effective motivational method. These are usually better when they are department specific. For example, at an employment screening firm separate different work groups and ask them to put together a list of goals and interests that are most important to them.



A good leader knows when  to delegate. Like I have said in many of my articles, "no man is an island" so trying to take on the world when you have a team around you is not only counter-productive, but shows a certain degree of pride and stubbornness which will only lead to an inflated ego and stomach ulcers. Delegation can build trust, helps develop team spirit and this is extremely important in everything from participating in a soccer team to being a part of a company project.






You don't have to be in charge of something or someone in order to be leader. It's not a position. It's an attitude


 Leadership is made from respect, trust, and confidence earned, not from education. So, while education is needed to run a company, it is not needed to lead people.





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