Where Will Journalism Be In The Future?

by Sylvie Surette on Thursday 19 May 2011, 11:10 AM | Category: Journalism| View: 1134 views
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 There is no doubt that the world of journalism is changing as we speak. When looking at various newspaper's or news channel's websites, we can find a lot of these will have all their articles or top stories available for their readers to read on their laptops, tablets, Smartphone etc. With a gadget like the Smartphone, it‘s a lot easier to read the newspaper when you're on the go, then actually having the newspaper in hand. So what exactly is the future of journalism holding for us? In the following article we will look at how some things may change, but is this really a bad thing?

Although some people say that having all this news information online will kill the journalism industry is that really the case? A number of people argue that it is definitely not the case, they say they although we are seeing newspaper needs to close their doors this does not mean people do not still want to hear about news. These days, the general public wants breaking news and they want it NOW. What better way get the news to them instantly then by putting it on the World Wide Web?

There is also a new website called spot.us that is there to help journalists launch their “new” careers in the world of Internet media. The website provides writers with avenues to publish some of their news worthy articles. This will help writers get used to how the online world works and jump right back into the game because essentially, the writing/reporting part remains the same.

One way to look at the change from paper to paperless is simply a change in the way things are done. Just like when the newspaper came out, society had to adapt to it, and it was simply an easier way to get the information out to a bigger amount of people in a smaller amount of time. If you look at it this way internet based media is simply an evolution in the history of journalism. To add to this point, when the radio came out, or the television, these were also changes in this industry, but people adapted to it, as it was an easier way to get more people to get the news they wanted to hear rather than needing to go buy a newspaper. They have found a new avenue to get news to people and they are using it to their advantage.

There is also the risk that journalism will take a turn for the worst as it could become a free for all in which uneducated people on certain subjects will try to pass their information as worthy news, when really it is not reliable. In this case, there will need to be guidelines on how media can be presented on the web, and these should be the same as they have in the media now, they will simply need to adapt them.  The credibility of journalists should not change with this evolution.

Maybe they are afraid to lose money as everything will be readily available. One way to help with this would be to charge for subscription. Take e-books for example, they are not only getting more and more popular, but have also proven to be more profitable because they are more accessible. You can buy the books from the comfort of your home, so why not have system in place that lets you buy e-news in the same manner. It would be like paying for the newspaper to be delivered to your front door every morning except it would be delivered to your computer, tablet or Smartphone.

So is the future of journalism really at risk? More than likely it will not be, as it will just be a quicker more efficient way to get the information out to everyone. This gives journalist the opportunity to post news worthy information as soon they get in. The only thing they need to remember is the importance of how it is written and make sure it is well edited before it goes online. 

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