Top Motivators For Employees Essential-ties

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Monday 9 May 2011, 3:07 PM | Category: Morale & Productivity| View: 1865 views


Do you feel or have that assumption that your employees are sick or slow? Are their energy levels down? Do you think they are de-motivated or so?  Then you need to take in initiatives to motivate your staff seriously.  Hence you need to step out of the routine and take keen interest to settle back the motivation and confidence among your employees do something out of the ordinary, unexpected and just plain fun. The connection and motivation is direct and is witnessed by all but you also need to know that each person has their own motivation. Motivation can be in any kind and it may accommodate the following:

Competition - have a contest

Social - create a certificate of achievement and give in an all employee meeting

Process - ask them to create a process for a disorganized or inconsistent procedure

Fairness - host a lunch & learn

Well the above motivation methods can be suitable for the management level positions whereas the following can be suited to labour/workers:

Physiological Needs

Basic physical needs:  the ability to acquire food, shelter, clothing and other basics to survive

Safety Needs

A safe and non-threatening work environment, job security, safe equipment and installations

Social Needs

Contact and friendship with fellow-workers, social activities and opportunities


Recognition, acknowledgment, rewards


Realizing one's dreams, using one's gifts, talents and potential

Make sure you are flexible and allow your employees to communicate

Allowing employees to telecommute some of the time or to set their own office hours can have big benefits.

And some workers actually like going in to the office to escape the distractions of home or to preserve a line between home and work.


An employee who demands a raise might really be unhappy because his or her suggestions are being ignored, for example.


If money is an unreliable motivator, stock options are even less likely to motivate most workers. Employee worth goes up and down with a company's stock price something very few workers feel they can control.

When you ask workers what kind of work they enjoy, also find out about what they're hoping to do in the future. Giving workers opportunities to build the skills and make the connections they need to get ahead in their careers will build loyalty and motivation.

It's very important for workers to keep learning new skills on the job.

Organized classes and seminars are one way to help with this, as are tuition-reimbursement programs. But in many cases, it's a matter of listening to what skills a worker is interested in acquiring, then giving the person a chance to work on a project that will develop those skills.  

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