Are you among the list of people who say that I hate HR in the organization?

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Monday 9 May 2011, 12:05 PM | Category: Human Resource Management| View: 1341 views

 Are you among the list of people who say that I hate HR in the organization?

Human Resources always sides with corporate interests. If there's a legal issue then Human Resources will act as support for the involved parties, but ultimately act to protect the organization from perceived threats which may never be released at the expense of providing a healing resolution for anyone. HR possesses no structural accountability to employees but claims to be the advocate of employees.

To overcome all the problems an HR needs to have knowledge about the latest laws especially labor laws labor policies, it is seen most of the times HR is unaware of the policies and hence lack behind in updating the policies and procedures of the company.  An HR needs to understand human behavior and there needs to be proper communication.

Probable times when people hate HR are

When they don't get solution for their problems

When they don't get proper information

When there is communication gap.

When you fail to keep your words your commitment and should not provide false information to employees they will lose confidence forever and will start hating you.

If some employee comes up with an innovative idea, HR will do everything in their power to chop it off because they do not like go outside their regular channel.

Arrogance of HR just because they have access to our salaries

HR maintains performance review files for everyone in a company but at it is said when the time comes to lay off someone thing considered important is whether the person falls in targeted salary range, the performance is absolutely immaterial.

Why do people hate anything? Most often it's because they don't understand it and as a result there's fear.

It became clear in many conversations how little HR is understood by many line managers. They see a lot of stuff that seems to get done somehow anyway, like training, coaching, disciplining, all in a course of everyday events without special expenditure.Weaker ones fail to make those investments and lack causes further problems that destroy any hope of getting on track.

 Human concerns are not dealt with effectively in that environment. Who can blame staff for pointing the finger at HR when there are obvious shortfalls in how a company manages its people?

The greatest challenge HR faces is that it requires total team effort throughout the organizations it serves. With command and control leadership finally dying as organizations of all sizes deal with increasing diversity and need to innovate constantly, the leaders who pursue that style take their old-line organizations down with them, piling up lay-offs, declining performance records and ending in bankruptcy or acquisition by others.





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