Don't Mismatch Your Business Purpose and Business Outlook

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Wednesday 4 May 2011, 12:23 PM | Category: Business Planning| View: 1861 views


When in online business what you need to desperately keep in mind is the following:

Do not escape the basic purpose of website you have started; focus on that part because I have seen in the start people do focus on the core objective but then later it starts fading away and they try to put in more and more efforts on wrong part of business. The purpose of the business is the main thing that you should have in your mind, or if you aren't clear with the message set one. You should have predefined objectives for your site and for every business. Have plans regards what will you offer to your visitors. If such is the condition that you have more than one objective for your website, you want to put them in order of importance. The number one goal of your website is to add people to your list. Hence sharing of resources for free with them over and over again is the need of the hour.

Have things on site because of which people irresistible to leave the site but that seems to be damn difficult. People visiting your website want that their queries get solved immediately and hence fulfilling this need will enable you to retain visitors and create a good name for your organization. Offer them free gifts and such things for solving urgent problem of their mutually. Newsletter can be an add on the returns they get as complementary gift. Hence sending of email newsletters is another measure to be implemented.

You should/can strategic alliances with people and the key is to find partners who are involved in the same business or reaching the same audience. The approach you have for them should be a mutually beneficial one where in both you get promoted  

Yes the social media is in and the efficient use of the same can bring in more of positive results well if you use it in a wrong way it might endangered your brand as well especially if it's in the growth stage. There lies a dilemma in use of social media sites wherein you know that social media is constantly changing, and you never know what happens next. An attractive way to handle such situation is bring more and more number of people you interact with in the newsletter list thus increasing the discussions and interaction on the topics in the letter on site as well as well as on social media sites.

Maximize existing opportunities & you could easily add 1,000 people or more to your list each year as in whichever conference or seminar or events you attend.

Be aware of the basic website statistics of the site you can develop plans to increase the number of signups on your site. Take time to interpret your site statistics and start working on them like formulation of strategies and plans to increase the traffic etc

You have to also consider how you're going to measure the effectiveness of your strategy and tactics so you can see how well you are achieving your objectives.

The marketing message and your site purpose should go hand in hand, because it is seen many times to improve the visual look of the site owners unbalance the purpose and the look of the site hence marketing gets difficult similarly the selling your services gets difficult. Your site should provide a professional, attractive frame for your all-important content. People should form a good impression when they see your site. Hence take care of your business online + the objective of your business + marketing along with other efforts of yours to get your business to great heights. 






















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