Power of Social Media = Power Of Public Relations

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Friday 29 April 2011, 6:35 PM | Category: Social Media| View: 1317 views


In social networks the brand and how it's perceived, is open to public interpretation and potential misconception now more than ever.

The goal of a social media style is to establish:

What the brand represents in the social Web

Characteristics of Brand

Brand personality traits

Voice of the brand

Attributes and voice necessary at the representative level

Procedures and guidelines for representation, accountability, and workflow

Metrics for quantifying activity and the intended results

First of all you need to understand what it means by creating personas:-

It means understanding customers and asking detail questions about customers leading to greater understanding of each; to make self presentable as realistic you need to get to know customers more deeply which won't be possible in normal ways

When you become the persona you begin to think about the needs of the customers and find out ways in which you can serve them in the best possible manner. To fulfill the same you also need to formulate strategies to achieve the thought ideas.

By putting yourself in your persona's shoes and visualizing the interactions, you can identify problems and make changes.

What gets included in the profile of social media persona is as under:

Name of the person in complete characters and with real names

You should also include your snap in your profile.

Age, gender, and other key demographic information. If marital or parental status is important to you, or location, include those elements.

A description of the person. Even if your business is B2B, try to include personal details as well as professional information.

Social media use. Describe which social networks/tools the person uses, how frequently, and so on.

Be sure to include information about why this person uses social media: to keep connected, to gather information, for entertainment, for career or business purposes, etc. And, as described above, note how this customer wants to be perceived in different communities. You may even want to include a table showing the different communities this person is active in and different traits, goals, and personalities the person has in each.

A social media persona is

status seeker











Developing a profile involves collecting data, aggregating and analyzing it into profiles and maintaining the personas based on ongoing measurement and analysis. Professional marketing is about being cognizant of not just who you are but who you are portraying yourself to be. Participating in social media can give you the upper-hand when it comes to job hunts especially when you have developed a very good and neat personal brand in social media. Just like in marketing and advertising, reputation says it all when you are looking for an opportunity in the social media world. It is as good as marketing you and creating a good personal brand. The power that a social media person possess today was no longer a situation times back. Hence the tapping the benefits of a social media persona is really important htese days taking into consideration the power the social media person, earlier it was the PR who had this position  but today even Social Media does possess the same




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