Role of white page directory in our lives

by Niharika Gupta on Wednesday 27 April 2011, 5:08 PM | Category: Information Technology| View: 1074 views


Internet has played a big role to improve the communication system, whether its email, social networking, text message or directory services. The long habit of keeping thousand pages directory to look over the contact details has gone now and it happens with just one click.
The Internet has helped us a lot in finding a lot of information with just one click. What it made more convenient is that it enables us to look for someone and be able to locate him or her with White Pages Directory. For decades, we have been accustomed to having a big book full of names and numbers that we have to browse through for you to be able to find that someone you have to contact. It is made easier now by just putting in the last name of the person you are looking for. If they have not asked their provider to keep it their phone numbers private, you'll easily be able to find them.

A lot of phone providers have made this feature online, which is very helpful considering the fact that almost everyone has Internet access anyway. It also saves a lot of trees; remember how many pages these white pages directory books were? What's more frustrating about white pages directory before is that the font is so small that those who belong in the senior citizen class will not be able to read it anymore. Hence, they just do not use their white page directory anymore and it just accumulates dust below the phone table.

The directories online are mostly free for everyone to use however these white page directory only show landline numbers. So if you are looking for a specific cellular phone number, this site will not be able to help you out. These free sites are also written in small font, because they are mostly just scanned white pages converted to text documents that are compiled alphabetically. You just need to know the zip code of the person you are trying to locate and after that, it will show you a lot of surnames within the area. They are shown in a page that you just need to scan through.

If you really are serious on finding that someone, there is another option. Since there are free sites, there are also paid sites. On these, there is information available for cellular phone subscribers of almost all networks. That's investigating in a whole new level.

These white page directory sites even have information other than the number of the person you are looking for. It sometimes even has real names of landline owners in full. The unlisted phone users may also be searched both in landlines and mobile phones.

What's interesting is that they even have your current address and the address they were in previously. So you are sure that you are going to locate the person you want to find.
I, myself, even wonder how they are able to find these. In fact, in this white page directory, you will be surprised that even previous medical court records may be provided. Seems like everything that was there for you to know is available through the search field it has.

Medical histories, which are supposed to be protected by HIPAA are also said to be available. If you think about it, these sites could be a possible source of security information that may be held against you. Take note though that this information may only be accessible if they are to pay around 15 to 20 dollars monthly. Why would you pay that kind of money for white pages with all these information if you can get it online for free, right?

Besides, white page directory is meant to help people find other people with the availability of the information in print or online, its motives are definitively positive
, no doubt about that.
-Niharika gupta
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