Happy Hiring – The Latest Quote for HR Managers

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Tuesday 19 April 2011, 12:35 PM | Category: Human Resources| View: 2206 views

 Happy Hiring – The Latest Quote for HR Managers

The HR looks for people who are optimistic as well positive along with interview applications for consideration. The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to have happy employees is to hire human beings who are optimistic and upbeat. The most objective and customizable method to assess job applicants is pre-employment testing. When a company tells me it wants to hire better employees, we start by customizing pre-employment tests.

The questions asked during the interview can help you determine the optimism degree within an individual. Open-ended questions about confronting problems can determine positivity. The one who (a) focuses on solutions is an optimist or (b) wallows about problems is a pessimist. Inspiring staff is a difficult task. Contrary to the many hundreds of articles on the subject, business does not naturally lend itself to inspiration.

To create a workforce of happy, positive employees, leaders and managers can do the following:

1. Hire optimistic, upbeat job applicants

2. Be a role model

3. Reinforce employees' optimistic actions

By leaders using these three keys, the result is a company composed of optimistic, ‘can-do' employees who are

A. Highly productive

B. Low turnover

C. A pleasure to work with

D. Highly profitable

Get in nice people in your team who are ready to learn anything. Nice people are pleasant to be around and are easy to teach. They are notoriously quick to learn. So, even if your nice person does not have the skill set that you are looking for, one might consider the possibility of training.

Think about the potential, especially if nice people seem to be rare in your neck of the woods. Employee background checks ensure us that our people are all on the up and up, but we can't background check character, which is so important in today's environment. An engaging, friendly staff can mean the difference between profit and loss.  

Unless all your staff are aligned to the cause and feel that the success of the business is tied to their own personal success, you run the risk of carrying negative attitudes that could end up hindering the company. Unless your staff is positive about the business, it will fail.

 Employees with optimism are valuable to organization because they can seriously affect the morale, the productivity and the spirit of your workplace. An optimist searches for solutions and takes steps toward meeting their goals. They use their imagination, replay their successes and stretch to believe that their personal best is yet to come. They cope better with adversity and bounce back from rejection faster than a pessimist.

They view adversity as temporary, external and not their fault. Studies have been shown that optimists have superior physical and emotional health and greater achievement. Positive individuals can transition into positive group behavior. Interpersonal transactions between customers and department functioning can help companies be prosperous. Happy associates lead to happy customers. It becomes critical to create and maintain associate morale to improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity.

Positively viewing, capitalizing on, learning from and integrating new experiences can enhance job satisfaction, job enrichment and job satisfaction. Long term benefits include higher overall commitment to organizations from your people, higher loyalty and satisfaction scores from customers.

The ultimate end result is that if you can find a way to get positive behaviors repeated at all levels, every level benefits. The benefits you enjoy here are many with optimistic employees, hence do get employees with positive spirit rather the ones who demotivate others for self goal achievement, thus affecting the overall productivity.

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