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PR is not a profession but a lifestyle!

by Manasi Sinari on Tuesday 12 April 2011, 7:37 PM | Category: Marketing| View: 1659 views
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Public relation is a name where you will never find it in the organization chart. They are the one's who represent the whole culture of the company from the MD of the company to the blue collar people. Public Relation has never been important for companies now with the competition increasing a role of PR has been designed. A person taking a career in PR should understand he/she can never end the work as PR has a work of talking for the company to the number of people he has met.

A Public Relation Personnel acts like a Mother to the company. Wondering on my statement well here is  the answer to my statement in any crisis or in any accomplishements happening to a child it's the mother who takes care of the child. It is the mother who proudly tells others about her child achievements. It is the mother who sits near her child continuously for hours when her child is suffering from pain. For a woman motherhood is not her duty it is her life.


For a Public Relation it does not require a place in the organization structure. they get the post of Press Secretaries. Public Relation are the person who decide the target the market for their company, draft the message and then announce it to the world. As a mom introduces the child to the world it is job of PR to introduce the company to the public. A PR have to be good story tellers (Communicators) to attract the public's attention to the company. For example if they have to clarify a negative image of the company they would say to the Press, “ We are looking into this matter and we assure that we will let the truth out” .They always have to be on their toes.  Public Relations is essentially selling an idea to the media.

Have you ever seen mothers fixing a time for taking care of their kids same applies for a PR.  A Public Relation person can never suit a Government profile as government offices close on time but PR do not have any Wok timings.


An identity of PR could be made when a person is continuously on phone or whenever you are dialing a number of the PR person you will get a message please call after sometime. They might take various calls in a day but their voice or tone would be the same as if they have just started working just like a mother always cheerful and charming. A PR person is in connections with various kinds of people like a mother is.


A mother never hesitates to make connections to people that she knows will secure her child future same for a PR makes connections to Journalist, set up speaking engagements, write executive speeches and annual reports, respond to inquiries and speak directly to the press on behalf of their company and many other people that will help the company to grow. A PR is needed by every person in business or occupation, right from a singer to an author, a preacher, a motivational speaker or a person who has perfectly understood the necessity of "Getting the Statement Out". We Public want to hear is a good story.


Good PR is the telling of a good story just like our mother used to tell us Bed time stories and we used to believe them. The better the story, the better the acceptance by the public and the better the public relations. Every Corporate will have a story to tell and it is the Public Relation who will make it narrative in a simple manner and the corporate is assured that public would hear it.


Regardless, the successful PR person must be a good communicator-in print, in person and on the phone.A Person with lot of  enthusiasm, activeness, goal oriented, honest, self disciplined, creative and never to forget success does not come overnight so the person needs to be persistent. Public relations make flower arrangements of the facts, placing them so that the wilted and less attractive petals are hidden by sturdy blooms" 





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