Tactics To Handle Conflicts

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Tuesday 12 April 2011, 12:42 PM | Category: Miscellaneous| View: 1518 views


When in conflict although you are not in your senses you need to take into consideration the following points and need to have head on shoulders even during a conflict.

The easiest way of dealing with conflict is to avoid it but is this solution for it. The more you try to avoid the conflict with the similar intensity it will pop up next time when the stress increases. An unresolved disagreement festers just under the surface in your work environment. It burbles to the surface whenever enabled, and always at the worst possible moment. The sad part of this conflict it's not just you who is affected your colleagues and other employees are also affected. 


This contributes to the creation of a hostile work environment for other employees. In worst case scenarios, your organization members take sides and your organization is divided. The ones involved in conflict should have the capability and confidence in self to resolve the conflicts.  It can get people thinking, and energize them into finding a solution. It can bring sudden realizations about how things could change. Handled well, it's an energizer and stimulant. If people are hiding information, it's part of failing communication. If some people strive to keep apart, they cannot make a joint contribution. It might be necessary to call in mediators. It is rarely a good idea to evict anyone. The conflict may be endemic, rather than caused by one person. It's uncomfortable being disagreed with, and some people combat it by pretending they don't disagree at all. They are adept at shifting their opinion to suit the person they're talking to. It's a passive form of defence. Others use an aggressive form of defence, going for mockery and insults. The healthy way is neither of these, nor in-between. It's acquiring skills in constructive communication, mutual goal setting, genuinely considering alternatives, and going for win-win. This often doesn't come easily, and formal training may be the answer.


Well did you know you can adopt any of conflict solving style that we can learn from forest & aqua friends?  


Cooperative Problem Solving

A dolphin usually chooses a cooperative problem-solving style. Dolphins use whistles and clicks to communicate with each other to catch food cooperatively and to summons help. For example, when a dolphin is sick or injured, other dolphins will help it to the surface so it can breathe.


A lion can be a symbol of a competitive style. The lion's roar helps the lion to satisfy its interests. For example, if the lion's family is hungry and needs food, the lion may use its strength and loud roar to get the food because it is important for the family.


A zebra can be a symbol for the compromising style. A zebra's unique look seems to indicate that it didn't care if it was a black horse or a white horse, so it "split the difference" and chose black and white stripes.


A turtle is a symbol for the avoiding style because it can avoid everything by pulling its head and legs into its shell to get away from everyone.


A chameleon is a symbol of the accommodating style because it changes its color to match the color of its environment. By changing its color to accommodate its surroundings, the chameleon fits quietly into its environment. Learn from the above and try and solve conflicts independently or by mutual help. 



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