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When the public sector wasn’t public anymore!

by R.Ajay Kumar on Tuesday 29 March 2011, 8:49 PM | Category: Finance| View: 967 views


Watching on BBC , the addresses of Bush ;

Made every Babu in India , Khush.

The invasive capitalism previously idealized by George w. Bush , was on one hand the object of scorn of many , but placed on a pedestal by the Babus who with the onset of turbid globalization felt their grip on the masses slipping away. The Tehelka scandal , put a halt to the Mithai ke dabbe.

But zealously some adapted to methods that will drive even the most earnest of entrepreneurs crazy. In one case a sting almost caught a coupon system in place between the Paanwala and one Babu. The coupon whose due was paid aptly was cashable to get one sign from the Babu amounting to a quarter of the pension the elderly got from the whole fiasco. Not to mention the amount of discomfort he/she had to endure to reach the office in the first place from his/her remote abode.

In the years leading up to it , once the national cricket team was engulfed in a match fixing scandal. There were curses to be heard from every nook and corner of the cabinets, hallways even toilets and bidets. What wasn't heard was the cries emancipating from ICU's of a  Government Hospital in Navi Mumbai, whence the residents were busy watching the matches. This ominous negligence may as well have taken the life of the next budding Tendulkar or Homi Bhaba.

Everyone is a critic in our country. Everyone is a analyst. Everyone is honest , when they can afford to be so. Everyone is a donor , when it gets them a rebate. Everyone is an activist , when the neighbor brags about it at a gathering. But if Everyone is a human , remains to be seen.

Privatization is here to stay. The dam gates can't hold back a flood for long. Particularly if they were built of cheaply commissioned mortar.

 The kaleidoscope that was India ; is now reduced exposed negatives devoid of any individualism at the very least.




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