Managing the Entry of Lakhs of Mails Daily

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Wednesday 23 March 2011, 5:41 PM | Category: Marketing| View: 1298 views


You're bombarded with messages in one form or another all day long. You can't get away from it. There is a constant battle with paper overload and the addition of electronic mail causes many of you to spend more time than you want to trying to manage it all. The key to dealing with e-mail overload is developing efficient ways to handle it. Create useful labels and folders to keep you organized

Process emails in batches

A simple way to increase your productivity is to turn off auto notifies. It's simply not necessary to check email constantly throughout the day, and doing so will regularly interrupt more important tasks. After receiving thousands of emails I can safely say that I've never received one that couldn't wait 12 hours or so.

Many people have the habit of reading all the emails before actually replying to them. Sometimes they might even wait a couple of hours before getting back to these previously read emails.

Secondly, this process will also consume more time, since you will probably need to read each email a second time before remembering what you will need to say in the reply.

Use bridging emails

In most cases, the receiver has a good excuse, but that doesn't change the way we feel (mainly because we never heard said excuse!).

In other cases, someone you've emailed might eventually get back to you, but only a few weeks after you categorized them as a snob who ignores their emails and pledged never to visit their blog again.

Taking a few seconds to acknowledge their email can mean the difference between leaving a positive or a negative impression, even if you never find the time to answer. Readers appreciate that you're busy. The main thing is that they don't feel completely ignored.

Create a dedicated signature

Make sure that your signature contains functional links. It might be a link to your blog, website, or online portfolio.

Blog readers are so used of having their emails ignored by busy A-list bloggers that they'll half expect you to do the same. Proving them wrong with a polite response can leave them delighted and feeling very positive about you. Your signature should effectively capitalize on this positive feeling.

Inspite of trying out the aforementioned 6 steps, if you still find it difficult to manage your email, then check the source of emails and try to replace it with something more useful. For example, if you get tons of emails from the contact form in your website, then identify the major concern which visitors have and then publish something on your website which will help those visitors, thereby helping to reduce your incoming email flow.


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