Locate an Impeccable Internship Opportunity Ahead of Time Connotes Smartness

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Wednesday 16 March 2011, 12:52 PM | Category: Miscellaneous| View: 1374 views

Locate an Impeccable "Internship Opportunity "Ahead of Time Connotes Smartness


As the vacation approaches, the students either go for internships as being a part of course curriculum or by interest. An important consideration is what should be done to find an internship. It's better to plan in advance rather than looking out for things when you actually in need of it. Since “Prevention is better than cure”

Strategies for finding a suitable internship opportunity could be any of the following like networking, attending career fairs, looking for internship listings online as well as identifying potential employers through classified ads, the local Chambers of Commerce or phone book

As said earlier “Prevention is better than cure” the very first step, starting early to look for internship opportunities.

As a matter of fact, companies possess deadlines to give your resume /entry. Hence plan a month in advance which opportunity to adhere to, for this you need to start looking for the list of companies that offer internships, short list the ones you wish to apply for as per your requirements. You can also check with your college's Career Services Office for assistance and to find out which internships recruit early.

You need to be clear with what you want and what you want to achieve on the completion of the internship program. Internships can give you exposure to opportunities such as these and a chance to "test the waters" of new and exciting career fields.

Speak with family, friends, faculty, college advisors, and career counselors in the Career Services Office at your college about what type of internship you want and when and where you want to do it. Contacting alumni from your college and doing informational interviews can provide you with valuable information on career options you can pursue as an internship. Be sure to send a thank you note expressing your appreciation to them for sharing their time and expertise.

There are various internship sites that will provide you with the necessary information. Check out the classified ads in your local newspaper to identify employers who may be interested in hiring an intern.


Check with your Career Services Office at your college to identify career and/or internship fairs occurring during winter break. Top employers attend career fairs to recruit, screen, and hire talented interns and employees. Be sure to follow up with any recruiters you speak with at the fair.

Telephone or visit employers in your geographic and/or career areas of interest and inquire about summer jobs/internships. Focus on summer jobs available and, if interested, consider camp or resort opportunities to gain additional interpersonal and communication skills. Be sure to follow up with employers whenever possible to arrange an in-person or telephone interview.

New graduates and career changers can also do internships to gain perspective on new career fields and develop new knowledge and skills. Internships can be the bridge between an unsatisfying career and a potentially new and exciting venture. You can use both internship and job search databases to identify organizations that meet your criteria.

Keep applying to internships of interest as you find them until you have received a definite internship offer. Students will often think that once they have applied to two or three internships they can sit back and wait until they receive an offer. The truth is that much internship is very competitive and until you hear back from an employer – don't assume that you will be accepted. Be proactive by continuing to apply to new internships as you find them.

You'll have a hard time acquiring an internship without these important documents. Be sure you are sending your tailored letter to a specific person and not to "Dear Sir or Madam:" You will need to send out several resumes and cover letters over a period of time to produce the right number of interviews and offers.

Talk to your career counselor again and show them any notes you took after the interview listing the advantages and disadvantages of the company. They can help you weigh factors such as job content, training, supervision, prestige of the employer, location, credit versus non-credit, salary and benefits if any, contacts and which internship will best position you for the future.



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