Being revolutionary or evolutionary is the matter of debate here!

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Friday 11 March 2011, 5:11 PM | Category: Marketing| View: 1340 views



 Being revolutionary or evolutionary is the matter of debate here!

Often rebranding is considered as a complicated process; hence companies take such decisions after long time evaluation or after severe brain storming by executives. Even after such great step it's important that you know which path the decision is going to take your brand. Is it on the revolutionary or evolutionary? Why has the question of rebranding raised?    

Revolution is when you jump to the next generation. Cut-over takes place quickly and on a large scale: the entire entity is transformed. Evolution is when you take incremental steps to the next generation over a longer period. When dealing with change, only pioneering opportunists or endangered laggards should choose the revolution path over evolution. But the best learning we have from successful major changes is to match revolutionary goals with evolutionary action.

First reason could be a merger: when two organizations join together, each typically has brand equity that is worthy of consideration. The companies must determine disposition of each organization's brand and how to utilize one or both moving forward.

Even if there emerges new leader to the throne; a new leader brings new values, vision, and direction. Many organizations use this as an opportunity to communicate this new energy to both internal and external audiences. This obviously proves to be beneficial if a key person from competitive org has joined yours org.

The communication of changes in product lines, service offerings, or organizational focus to the public hence the option of rebranding.

Evolutionary vs. Revolutionary

An Evolutionary Rebrand is when a company is making a change to its identity, but keeping the major aspects of the brand intact. A Revolutionary Rebrand is when a company is making a drastic change to its identity. This is necessary when you are trying to make a major change in customer perception. When you are trying to decide whether to go the route of an evolutionary or revolutionary rebrand, you must first make sure you know why you're rebranding in the first place.

Here are a few questions to help you decide which route to take:

Is the organization's direction changing drastically or just slightly?

Has your core product or service offering changed?

Are you looking to become more of what your company is at its core or change it from the inside out?

Are you more likely to hear customers praise or chastise your organization and its products and services?

How much equity is there in your current Brand Identity?

Has there been a change in big picture vision of the company?

How much love is there for your company?

Has the core product or service offering changed?

Are you looking to become more of what your company is at its core?

To me, an example of a revolutionary design for a new music player would be one that could sense our moods and then auto create playlists based on them, or one whose controls could be operated based on our thoughts instead of the current tactile interface. Now obviously I know that these ideas are a little farfetched and currently infeasible, but one can always dream!

Hence it's upon the nature of expansion that you decide the option form the above two that well suites your organization and impact it has on consumers.   


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