Keys To CRM is the Key To Profits

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Tuesday 25 January 2011, 11:19 AM | Category: Marketing| View: 943 views

Keys To CRM is the Key To Profits 


The importance of customers is no longer an issue to be proved; it is a crystal clear body to everyone and hence speaking on the importance of customer relations and its importance will be similar to teaching ABC to ones who already know them. Hence directly jumping over the strategies that can help maintain and develop relations and enhance the same every New Year to come.

Let us list some of the fruit seeking strategies that can ensure you success in marketing adventure. First of all, pay due attention to your customers. Running after profit will not help you in today's world whereas running after customers and taking care of their needs can truly help you for sure. Asking for feedback and suggestions can help many a times, if not 100 at least 70 % of them do respond being optimistic. When received feedback and suggestions see to it that you work on the same and don't just leave the suggestions on paper.

The objective of taking the suggestions should be fulfilled and even while noting the suggestions make sure it is not just a blind copy paste you can always alter them always you want them to be as per you as well as your customer's convenience.

Keeping the promises is what a characteristic of gentlemen and similar is the case of businessmen. Connecting customers to business and developing long term relations by continues interaction through some or the other ways is the responsibility of the marketer. Offering rewards to customers is one such way to keep the customers interested, this will help boost your sales & goodwill in the market. Show appreciation and you'll get back what you want in return. Planning for the long term engagement of customers plan for the freebies to be provided to customers, discounts etc. again thank you is such a simple word that can create wonders, a simple thank you visit again can create a sense of desire among customers to visit again.

Customer loyalty gets enhanced when you deliver services that are always above the norm. Hence you need to set a criteria that can help you set a base that can help you evaluate and improve the existing offering to consumers. The key to excellent customer's relationship management is communication. To overachieve and maximize the potential of your marketing you need to implement multiple marketing activities. Strategies that can help you achieve target market are advertising, PR, direct mail, internet marketing. The key to success is to reach out to customers and to show them a friendly face to them mainly in the virtual world.

Today it is very much true that internet marketing creates a lot of business. If there are competitors who provide options that you do not, provide info about those too to your customers. Honesty will be respected by your customers for sure, and as it is always said honesty sis the best policy.

Hiding things from your very own loyal customers will create an atmosphere that isn't conducive for anyone. Although the key is communication but the key to communication is good human skills which almost all of us lack behind hence face problems. Hence if you want to maintain good customer relations possessing good human skills is important. Do not hesitate to go out of the way and provide great product to your customers. Planning implementing and practicing the plan is the key and hence process starts with analysis of the current strategies.

The next step is developing strategies that will enhance your ability to acquire a higher percentage of new quality clients and grow your business. The high level strategies include brand positioning, pricing, distribution, client retention, and marketing campaign. Dealing with CRM we can say that it is a tool as well as a strategy, thus focusing on customer needs & re-organizing database so that the data is available easily.

Having a clear marketing strategy and strong customer relationships makes a radical difference to business efficiency and performance. Our practical marketing and sales programmes show you how to develop successful marketing strategies and how to improve your relationship with your key accounts and customers.

The following are the tips given by Brett to ensure long lasting customer relationship:

Don't waste time on activities that can be automated. For instance, let your email program filter and route your incoming messages automatically, use a template to build new pages for your site, etc. Automation frees up your time so you can concentrate on the important stuff - your customer.

Eliminate the time you spend you on non-productive tasks. For instance, unsubscribe to newsletters your never read instead of deleting them each time. Handle paperwork one time and then file it instead of stacking it in a pile. All these little things add up to lots of wasted time that could be spent on your customer.

Concentrate your efforts on marketing to the people that need your service. Start by auditing your marketing and sales data to find out how and why a sale is made. Eliminate or change marketing strategies and services that don't serve the needs of your customers.

Respond to email quickly. Response time should be under 24 hours. By responding quickly you send the message that your customers are important and you are genuinely interested in meeting their needs.

Follow up on sales orders. Make sure your customer is thoroughly satisfied with their purchase and offer additional services related to their purchase.

Give refunds promptly and unconditionally.

Ask your customers to fill out a survey so you can better understand their needs. Offer a valuable freebie or a discounted service for participating. This strategy establishes a dialogue between you and the customer and helps determine the direction of your business.

Publish a newsletter. Give your subscribers valuable tips and information they can't get anywhere else. Offer subscriber-only discounts and freebies.

Make your site easy to navigate. Customers value their time and appreciate finding what they want quickly and effortlessly.



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