Results of SWOT on INDIA

by Sunanda K. Chavan on Tuesday 11 January 2011, 2:40 PM | Category: Miscellaneous| View: 1620 views

Results of  SWOT on INDIA   





Highly educated, skilled, young, capable & dynamic  human resources

English speaking & analytical students

World class business-social-spiritual –political leader, Professor, scientist, Manager-Doctor-Engineer-Civil servants etc

Very rich in Natural & Living resources

Biodiversity & Traditional knowledge base

Diversity vs. Ideas-Innovation-Integration

Powerful spiritual strength (yoga-Ayurvada-Healing-therapy services)

Geographical location (whole markets are shifting toward Asian nations)

India Strategic position at various platforms

Big democracy, Big market & free media

Range of emerging professional champions

IT & Software superpower

Indian Textile Industry is an Independent & Self-Reliant industry.

Abundant Raw Material availability that helps industry to control costs and reduces the lead-time across the operation.

Availability of Low Cost and Skilled Manpower provides competitive advantage to industry.

Availability of large varieties of cotton fiber and has a fast growing synthetic fiber industry.

India has great advantage in Spinning Sector and has a presence in all process of operation and value chain.

India is one of the largest exporters of Yarn in international market and contributes around 25% share of the global trade in Cotton Yarn.

The Apparel Industry is one of largest foreign revenue contributor and holds 12% of the country's total export.

Industry has large and diversified segments that provide wide variety of products.

Growing Economy and Potential Domestic and International Market.

Industry has Manufacturing Flexibility that helps to increase the productivity.

Specialist marketing expertise

Exclusive access to natural resources

Strong brand reputation


Cost advantage through proprietary know-how


Lack of trained & skill work force  

Small supply of specialize professional

Lack of spirits of entrepreneurship, patriotisms and leadership skill

Lack of effective & execution framework

Lack of Indian management models

Lack of transparency-Trust-Responsibility

Lack of learning habits & Team work spirit

Fear of sharing knowledge & taking risk

Thinking win-lose   lose-win   look-outside

Slow absorption of Innovation & change

Lack of Indian management models

Absence of greater technology impetus

Unawareness: Quality-Standardization

Lack of Emotional-Spiritual development

Rush of getting high marks not Development

Blindly respect anything taught by elders

ndian Textile Industry is highly Fragmented Industry.

Industry is highly dependent on Cotton.

Lower Productivity in various segments.

There is Declining in Mill Segment.

Lack of Technological Development that affect the productivity and other activities in whole value chain.

Infrastructural Bottlenecks and Efficiency such as, Transaction Time at Ports and transportation Time.

Unfavorable labor Laws.

Lack of Trade Membership, which restrict to tap other potential market.

Lacking to generate Economies of Scale.

Higher Indirect Taxes, Power and Interest Rates.

Lack of marketing expertise

Location of your company

Damaged reputation

Poor quality of goods and services

Undifferentiated products & services


THREATS (Internal & external): 

A feeling of unstable government

Self centered political leadership

Slow & Dysfunctional judiciary and corrupt law enforcers

Regulation, protection and restriction

Mechanistic -stable-Layered-complex system

Corruption, Ignorance & Complacency

High competitive & marketing forces

To patent Indian intellectual property by outsider (unawareness about own research)

Fast change Internet-information technology& new Inventions-Technology-Innovations

Diversity vs. Imbalance- clashes

Regional-Religion-caste-culture conflicts

Migration of all branch to software job

Job seeking mind sets, not job creator

Unnecessary social pressure on students

Excessive rich & powerful mindsets

Competition from other developing countries, especially China.

Continuous Quality Improvement is need of the hour as there are different demand patterns all over the world.

Elimination of Quota system will lead to fluctuations in Export Demand.

Threat for Traditional Market for Powerloom and Handloom Products and forcing them for product diversification.

eographical Disadvantages.

International labor and Environmental Laws.

To balance the demand and supply.

To make balance between price and quality.

Price war

Increased trade barriers

New taxation on your products

Competitor has new innovative products

New regulations



Big potential market in education Sector & emerging new market Segment in services (create it)   

General Agreement of trade on Services

Research & Development capability

Generate intellectual property

Resource Building capacity

Competition- cost – Quality service

Collaboration : win-win thinking

Hybrid solution–balancing & blending

Tourism, health sector, food processing

Rural economy development & social transformation ( PURA model )

Need  modernization of infrastructure , Library and laboratory

Internet institute network & e-Library

Councilors and student advisors

Growth rate of Domestic Textile Industry is 6-8% per annum.

Large, Potential Domestic and International Market.

Product development and Diversification to cater global needs.

Elimination of Quota Restriction leads to greater Market Development.

Market is gradually shifting towards Branded Readymade Garment.

Increased Disposable Income and Purchasing Power of Indian Customer opens New Market Development.

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