Game versus Win-ability and Techno-managerial Leadership

by Amit Bhushan on Thursday 14 March 2019, 5:49 PM | Category: Politics| View: 340 views


Game versus Win-ability and Techno-managerial Leadership

                                By: Amit Bhushan                            Date: 14th Mar. 2019


There are questions amongst followers of the ‘Game' over the prophecy on why the ‘Second Flush' is likely to throw a hung verdict rather than clear mandate. Some movement is seen within the National parties wherein some of the old hands are struggling for ‘tickets' and some Netas/parties can also be trying to stretch themselves seeming to reach-out to the downtrodden. Then the regional parties are forming ‘Game' consortiums/coalitions or are actively partnering/trying to adjust with some of the national parties with somewhat greater clarity on their agenda other than just the localized strongman-ship. Most ‘seats' in such case should be a two way or a three way contest at the most, so why & how would ‘smaller' party still do better; belying the ‘surveys'. Of course some of the followers of Game also contend that the Mandir, Cow and Caste politics may have subsided but the ‘spine of such polity still needs to be broken'. The prophecy has ‘difficulties' as the opportunist Netas in regional parties are ever ready to collaborate in any power-sharing with little heed to any principle. They would still manage to do much better. This is because what matters most to the Netas of larger parties is the ‘internal challenges to leadership', which they want to quell and then they want ‘workers' to keep trumping up victories. The smaller parties would however need somewhat more serious ‘skills' and ‘themes' to defy sure defeats at the hands of much more resourceful opponents. Sometimes, this often include open camaraderie ‘financial defaulters to public' including agri-buyers, deposit mobilizers etc. but in present circumstances they would need to rein in these aspects due to a tighter leash from larger parties and Game politics. That's the theme that's playing out, but of course political pundits would keep hunting in the ‘fog' and make ‘followers stray into wildernesses'. Knowledge of this helps because there are Netas focused on victory in a/each constituency (basis body count of workers/crowd that constituency rep. can manage) rather than themes that can sell in these constituencies and then clubbing them up in manifestoes or some larger agenda and thus survive the ‘Third Flush'. Yes, but there would still be some Netas (a CM level pol analyst) who believe ‘Koi Game nahi hai ', even with the results observed.

The reason for the rise of smaller parties lies in ‘one-upmanship' of the Netas in the national parties especially those with the motto that ‘either me or my family'. While some of the Netas may be struggling in these parties, however it is not the techno-managerial solution providing Netas that are rising, but it is the ‘kin of the other stronger Netas' who are better placed to ‘get the ticket'. The ‘leadership' of these parties is able to ‘see and understand' the ‘win ability proposition' of these ‘political kins' much more easily than say of the more independent techno-managerial leadership. These Netas also are able to counter the rather independent techno-managerial Netas through backing of some of the ‘second/third rung' techno-managers, who wouldn't otherwise have much of a say on account of ‘competency gaps'. This quid pro quo helps the Netas to keep it all within the family or the larger family. It is the smaller parties where such techno-managerial leadership get a somewhat better ‘say', even if ability of such smaller party's Netas to actually shape some of the larger policy initiatives or nurture some institutions (say at national level) is minuscule. It is also noted that such hob-nobbing of the techno-managerial leadership with smaller parties Netas is almost entirely dependent on ‘connects' and ‘good-fortune', but some of these thriving smaller parties and some of these leaders have a mutual ‘need'. The rise of a ‘newbie party' to national limelight and its embarkation on power in the Capital is such a phenomenon, which reiterates this. Now, it would be for the smaller parties and their Netas to prove it for themselves on how well they follow the ‘Game', or would they stick to the ‘old set' of the political beliefs. The Congress-ization (one-upmanship rather promoting skilled/adept followership) of the ‘newbie party' may not instill confidence in others though, but it should still be left to the followership of the ‘Game' amongst the Netadom. This can at best be postponed to the post-election scenario at best, by all those Netas and parties who would want to ‘survive the Third Flush'.

Now looking at the National parties, we still see the ‘new seemingly Charismatic leadership' kowtowing to the old Caste equations rather than say ‘Kisan leaders' who have some productivity solutions' or ‘Agri-processors having some storage/longevity solutions' to impact some of the woes, if not all. Similarly, we have Netas balancing themselves ‘on the rope' regards Mandir, Cow on one side and Development on the other, too busy to think about Agri/Rural woes or Jobs for that matter. And this is about the best that the Netas are able to manage in response to the ‘Game' politics. The slogan shouting towards ‘development', ‘jobs', ‘nationalism', ‘education & skill development' and other ‘systemic issues' like ‘defaults to public/public fund managers' is on rise. Of course it then depends upon the taste of the commercial news media on what they would carry for their respective audiences. In fact the media seem to be easily reconciling now that the ‘verdict of the Game' would be delivered, no matter whatever they do and thus continues our march to the ‘Third Flush'. As far as the Parties and Netas go, there is undoubtedly a clamour for the coalitions with no holds bar give-and-take bonhomie, this may be different from the expectations of the ‘Game' for this electoral round, though. Also, quite a few of the ‘older Netas' have given up any aspiration or hope to get elected to a ‘seat'. But nevertheless the Netas and parties would start preparing for the ‘Third Flush' soon after as well as better since this is going to be a ‘hung verdict'. Hopefully, some of the Netas and parties can have an early start, which this article is all about. Let the ‘Game' evolve……

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