The Political Approach related issues and Parties

by Amit Bhushan on Tuesday 12 March 2019, 5:52 PM | Category: Politics| View: 326 views


The Political Approach related issues and Parties

                                By: Amit Bhushan                            Date: 12th Mar. 2019


While a lot analysis goes into parties and Netas speak, this one is going to be different. Not that parties or Neta won't figure in this analysis, but thought would dwell upon past approaches and new approach, that likely to be taken up for consideration post-poll, that is. Now why this article is so confident about this new approach being taken up in post-poll scenario is because, Netas and parties seldom like ‘musical chairs', which is the most likely outcome of the ‘change/Game' politics. Not that 'Game' is going away, but that it would deepen and seep into 'mind-sets', especially those who want to contest and rule the population in the geographies.

For most of the past, we had Netas who had their domains which they dominated. Now, this could be a ministry/department or a state or a locality which was seen as their fiefdom and so long as the party coalition was in power, power-equations circulated as per wishes. The ‘changes' in past were mostly around ‘changing' who led such ‘domains', and attempted to bring around someone more acceptable. Most Netas and parties would draw comfort from such ‘domain driven' political approaches and would yearn for the status quo. However, newer political approaches seem to be more integrated in nature with ‘domain leaders' being pushed to consider a host of issues from ‘other domain areas' into account, rather than function in siloes independent of them. Now there may be political resistance or some sigh of relief in some sections about this new approach. However, from electoral politics perspective, most of it is about ‘delivery' to people and who can deliver more as well as better, is likely to be measured for the votes rather than ‘approach' of the Party.

What the past ‘siloed approach' did, was to ensure quite a few piece-meal and token actions towards problems and issues, since quite a few ‘pieces of solutions' lied outside of the ‘domains' of the Netas. Not that the Netas won't cooperate or reach-out to other Netas, however they were reluctant to be seen trespassing into the Netas of other domains, was one of the cause. Often what was feared most if the ‘decisions' forced onto other domains would not rhyme with their ongoing decision-making culture and practices. Then of course we had ‘challenges' to the Neta-hood within each of the domains as well and some ‘changes' happening every now and then. Some element of guidance from the High Command was also available, but the ‘freedom' for Netas to make decisions within their domain was much higher, although same can't be said about cross-domain collaboration, if at all required. Many issues within individual domains were brushed under the carpet like the ‘old un-implemented laws, rules & regulations', ‘culture of un-serviced loans to PSBs on various accounts', ‘issues of non-performing undertakings', ‘deterioration in services like education, healthcare which remain under-funded, un-provided for' etc. etc.

Now, in the ‘new approach' which has a much greater degree of ‘integrated approach component', the problem and issues remain the same, but how to tackle them undergoes a sea change. The ‘collaboration' between ministries and/or geo leaders seems to be greater, although skirmishes and turf-fight may also have gone up. Now depending upon the ‘mind-set and attitude of the Netas', they may decide upon comfort or dis-comfort levels. However in politics, much would depend upon ‘relative comfort or dis-comfort' experienced by the public. Of course we would continue to have Netas pepper-spraying issues around Castes, Mandir, Cow etc. in the electoral milieu and spring stories around how and what they did individually and collectively to make a positive impact on people during their respective tenure in the ‘domain leadership' and the parties for their ‘stint in power'. The merger of the Railways budget into mainstream budget is one of the indicators to the naysayers for such an analysis. It may be noted here, that ‘Game' is not arguing for any specific approach, but only that such analyses isn't available in the ‘commercial news media' at all, which would only go by Neta speak & associated mud-slinging (not that it should blocked, but other views/analyses should also be voiced) rather than present any of its ‘independent views' and thus not bring out ‘different independent views and opinions' but stick to past concoctions which have little takers.

Now each of these different approaches may have its benefits as well as pitfalls. For starters, this may be about managing coalition partners. However another aspect to it could be winnability proposition in subsequent elections as well, and giving benefit to partners of managing an integrated show in respective state. One may also note that the current ‘opposition' which rules in integrated manner in some of the states isn't exactly too happy with the new integrated approach either. Some of them seem too keen about ‘siloed silhouettes' as in the past approach being more favoured. Now political Netas and parties aren't expected to be large-hearted or open enough to discuss and figure out ‘all of this, beforehand', but instead of just wasting ones energy on Cow, Mandir or Caste-equations etc., the commercial news media can deliberate such quid pro quos as well. There is also the aspect of ‘managing delivery to people' as the ‘Game' ideology continues to grow and make its impact felt in terms of political choice-making by voting publics. Now, the Netas may be doing a lot to digress public, however they know of their impact vis-à-vis ‘Game agenda' in form of ‘farm woes', ‘jobs', ‘skill-development', health-care, sanitation, environment & water management etc. which is much more decisive for the polls and easier to be followed by public at large. It also lands them with ‘Khats' and ‘kursi', if nothing else. However ‘follow my leader' approach is the only approach followed in the commercial news media, which has little time for any other deliberations, it seems. So politically motivated content is splashed everywhere, even if its takers as well as impact continues to decline. The seniors in journalism have decided to refuse to budge at all and would require new media to rise to be displaced.

Instead of a focus on political approaches of the parties towards how will they attempt to address issues within the respective political culture, we have debates that focusses on non-issues. Focus on non-issues by Netas should be seen as a bonus point for the ‘opposing Netas' to be able to easily score ahead at least in the constituency of such non-issue focused Netas, however that doesn't seem to be the case as political funding for the non-issues continues unabated with little ‘work-done' for its stoppage or highlighting of this by media or by any party or Neta/s. The result is bunch of corrupt muscle-men, business & Neta nexus flourishing on the back of such funding and continued diversion of public energy towards such non-issues. There seems to be a lack of Netas and parties who would want to ‘function' in such space, as little funding is available. Although ‘alternative journalism' as well as legal-eagles have shown that some funds may be available, but have not been able to create/sustain any political momentum in this arena. The march of Netas through the ‘Second Flush' towards the ‘Third Flush' continues unabated. Let the ‘Game' evolve….          

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