5 Reasons to Choose Marketing Specialization in PGDM

by Yamini Sharma on Tuesday 12 March 2019, 3:01 PM | Category: Marketing Management| View: 189 views
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McDonald's - I'm Lovin it, Mountain Dew's - Darr Ke Aage Jeet, Kit Kat's - Gimme a break etc. we all can identify these brands with just the sound of their jingles, right? Such is the marketing strategy adopted by these brands that have clearly been effective, eye-catchy and representative.

Marketing forms the crux of any organisation and is the most effective tool to build brand awareness and spread brand recognition. The type of marketing mix an organisation indulges in decides their customer base, their sales, their growth and much more. However, marketing is no more the traditional approach of making cold calls and giving deal details over sales meeting.

It has evolved and has out rightly become the vehicle of accelerated career enhancement for professionals. Synonymous with the word opportunities, the buzz around marketing has always been high. PGDM Specialization in marketing has rather seen a paradigm shift with the advent of technology backed with ample choices to mould the ambition of the young generation. Often seen as an elite degree, marketing has been drawing an increasing number of aspirants.

Here are some of the reasons as to why marketing is a good choice for career building:

It's a Field to be Creative and Diverse: Research, Analyse, Implement! Marketing is one of the most diverse and creative fields which is as rewarding as it is challenging. Marketing is one diverse field that has a lot to offer. As technology has revamped the way marketers reach customers, it has led to the creation of various marketing types one can choose from. From content marketing, search engine marketing to direct and database marketing. This field demands a lot of creativity, activeness, and research to be able to create such a mix of strategies that would be result oriented and representative of the brand.

Helps to Build Your Network: Marketing involves direct involvement and interaction with various kinds of people. To sell your idea and to convince a group of people requires good communication skills, wittiness, and dedication. Moreover, when one directly interacts with people from various walks of life, they tend to adapt and learn. This ultimately helps in developing our personality and our network base among knowledgeable professionals.

Fast Paced Career Growth: Marketing is fast-paced in terms of both, the scope and the growth. Till the time technology will rule our world, marketing will always find a spacious place. Marketing is one specialisation that will continue to find importance and need. Moreover, this field allows professionals to grow personally.

A Plethora of Opportunities: Marketers can never find a dull moment in their work. One can choose a diverse range of products each different from the other and choose a various mix of strategies each different from the other. As each project requires permutation and combination of various strategies, no two projects can be same and repetitive. Moreover, the opportunities in this field are limitless and one can easily climb the corporate ladder to reach the pinnacle through marketing.

Adventurous: Any job/work that involves risk, and a little of thunder always arouses our interest. The marketing mix chosen and adopted may be long-term but volatile. There is a high risk involved in a project working however if it is able to gain results, all's worth the risk, isn't it? As they say, higher the risk, higher the rewards. Truly one can attract humungous profits with the right marketing mix. This helps in attracting lucrative salaries as well.

PGDM in marketing specialisation is a lucrative career option with rewarding results. To know more about how the Jaipuria Institute of Management prepares you to grab the right set of opportunities to enhance your career in Marketing.

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