Mis-placed Politics of Achievement & Debates

by Amit Bhushan on Sunday 10 March 2019, 2:20 PM | Category: Politics| View: 300 views

Mis-placed Politics of Achievement & Debates

                                By: Amit Bhushan                            Date: 10th Mar. 2019


The analysis of ‘political noise' by the commercial news media often shoots through the roof with new and ever propping imaginations closer towards electoral headwinds. It focusses away from political achievements or its proxies towards ‘claims of credits' and its trashing by the opposition. The noise around external security is one such example where the ‘security apparatus' which has been nurtured over the years performed, but Netas in power want to ‘wrap up' all credits beyond just for taking decisions. What has gone out of focus is continued build-up of ‘opening up' of an engagement with a larger group of theocratic states. What is particularly important at least there is somewhat better realization in global polity about ‘human costs' and ‘reactions' of putting theocratic doctrines over ‘basic human values' which such doctrines claim to be safeguarding, though it would still take time to be institutionalized perhaps. And most theocratic countries would take political decisions basis their own domestic compulsions, but they may make a slight beginning to control flow of funds and information in/towards the ‘radical networks' in ‘silence'.

Instead of putting political focus on such ‘achievements', the commercial news media would focus on ‘security action' and give ‘political achievements a near total miss thus thwarting a nascent process in all probability. And this may have happened as a result of changing polity rather than any ‘force' or the ‘threat of force' meaning out of volition of the ruling Netas in club of nations towards ‘Game politics' in India may have made its token contribution though much would still be on account of ‘change' politics from Indonesia to Morocco that had engulfed much of the region. Focus on this could have had a much wider repercussion whereby many Netas would be under pressure to take this into their calculations and mellow down the past rhetoric, somewhat. So a chunk of short-sighted Netas in ruling party as well as in opposition barking at the wrong trees, but the commercial news media celebrating their respective thought leaders without objective assessment of any kind. They would again have objection on ‘Game' calling them ‘commercial'…. and refusing to realize the ‘change' that ‘polity' is undergoing in India. What the Netas in India seem to be doing is what the most adept to do i.e. putting oneself first rather than ‘Game' and it is these contradictions which ensures that progress of the ‘Game' towards the ‘Third Flush' continues unabated.   

We still have political Netas and coalitions in formation in anticipation of who will win the ‘electoral game' in India and what would be final shape of the power equation after the ‘Second Flush', with each Neta and party wanting to ensure maximum numbers for themselves and thus their place in the hierarchy. The past prophecy of the ‘Game' (http://www.managementparadise.com/article/9759/the-prophecy-of-the-game-part-ii ) stands as it is, though each party and Neta would make their best attempt to beat the forecast and make loud claims, which one can always hear. The ‘survey industry' also seems to be back with a gusto, but this times the smaller parties and independents, especially those in ‘Game' alliance will prove to be the nemesis of these surveys. The reasons is ‘themes' of the Netas and parties are not ones which rhyme with ‘Game (where benefits to larger people is the overriding concern)'. In such a scenario, voting gets fragmented based on individual Netas and/or regional charismatic leaderships, which has either some track-record or ‘convincing image' to meet ‘delivery' expectations. The ‘Game' already predicted ‘rise' of the ‘state-level' Netas in the hierarchical importance  to get votes, which was unlike past where the Central ministers used to call shots. Nevertheless, it's good the ‘commercial news media' too jostle with the ‘social media' in agenda setting as well as win ability predictions. This continues the saga of ‘mutual knowledge/information enrichment' now-a-days between different media. Let the ‘Game evolve…..

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