Dalit Equal-ism and Bank Loan Defaulters

by Amit Bhushan on Tuesday 9 January 2018, 4:37 PM | Category: Politics| View: 203 views

Dalit Equal-ism and Bank Loan Defaulters

                                             By: Amit Bhushan                            Date: 9th Jan. 2018


The commercial news media seems to be pushing itself to it limits to define ‘agenda'. Hot-button issues of ‘Dalits persecution at the hands of Current Administration' is an ideal setting. It is interesting that not much is being spoken on ‘Cow' and related aggressive agenda of the Ruling party by the Netas, although another hot-button issues of Jobs or the lack of it seems to have been picked up on the agenda of issues, although solution remains the responsibility of the Netas in government in line with political traditions prevalent in the country. The new Robin-hoods of Dalits seem to have issues on tax-system regards ‘implementation woes', but maintain a studied silence on the bank defaulters. The media has just about initiated some reporting on ‘corruption' of the ‘ruling Netas' and probably this is an indication that it is a ‘new phenomenon' among the ‘new ruling class' which had ‘no chance' earlier. There nothing of course on ‘corruption cases' reported earlier for reporting. It is also interesting that the Netas would get/take support from other parties/netas to get the ‘Rule of Law' implemented. Quite a few of these supporting parties/netas would also specialize in pressurizing the ‘Justice system', sometimes subverting the same and also for ‘open defiance' on other occasions, with the stand of commercial news media also on open display and best left to judgment of the ‘professionals' themselves. Basically the political parties/netas want to rival these very party and netas in a competitive system rather than standing for the ‘Rule of Law'. The love affair of media with ‘external factors' as well as ‘old issues' remains unabated since that is what is being ‘sought by the publics in hoards'. The Netas, commercial news media as well as intelligentsia, however remain clueless on which defaulters or government contractors seem to be getting better ‘treatment from administration' as of yet.

The supporters of the ruling party seem to be convinced about their ability to rally ‘masses' on the mandir and Cow as is the ‘united opposition' convinced about ability of same old ‘Dalit woes' to rally masses behind them in their struggle with the ‘Administration'. The ‘churn' amongst the Netas seem to be provoking ‘no thoughts' and whatever little ‘other issues' come up, do not have enough ‘strength' behind for the mainline media to cover. Some whispers regards the same seem to be new political competitiveness acquired by select and privileged few, not yet afforded by ‘all' or the ‘commercial news media'. The policies at the state level on the issues highlighted in these articles seem to be totally absent from the commercial news media, which would however go happy about reporting ‘policy or actions' related to Caste or religion woes. While some municipality seems to have become a bit active on ‘illegal constructions' including in some influential segments. The media however won't again make clear any ‘conflict' between the businesses (or defaulter businesses) and the Netas, though. Such an upper hand for bureaucrats is usually short-lived in our chaotic polity and officials in the local government seem to be at much greater mercy as compared to the government at the center or at state, if measured on a relative susceptibility scale. And these again have little botheration in the commercial news media for most of the time, which remains glued to individual rights or political issues as put forward by parties with mass base/following. While the ruling Netas seem to be rolling out stats in relations to poll promises, but to no avail for their rescue. Efforts to find ‘new issues' of ‘public concern' also seem to be at its height and this is not only true for the Netas in government but also for ‘other parties' wanting to embark on the bandwagon.


The ‘Game' politics seems to have made it evident on ‘issues' which can swing votes provided any substantial ‘commitment' can be delivered upon. However it is not possible to be delivered by the local level political canvassers and is unlikely to be touched upon by the more ambitious Netas. However, near ‘all' Netas seem to be in need to cultivate the ‘question raisers' through their back-room. For this can help puncher some of the competition which seem to be rising. There also seem to be a rising bogey on ‘political traditions' which seem to be overly bothered about the ‘commercial news media' following some Netas especially when such Netas travel abroad. The concerns seem to be that the commercial news media almost never game them the same mileage. ‘Corse corrections' if any on the ‘real priorities', seem to be a lower priority that the ‘noise to be made through grand-standing', and this is true for ‘all' the Netas and parties. Let's see the ‘Game' evolve…..

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