Ways to Make the Business Introduction that Works for You

by Luisa Brenton on Friday 18 November 2016, 6:34 PM | Category: Leadership| View: 1693 views

 How someone makes an introduction can have a lasting impact on other people's opinion. When introducing oneself to others, the method that is undertaken can lead others to take notice. The first impression can be the initial assessment that a person makes when thinking about someone. Depending on the situation, this impression could have various ramifications.


Meeting others for the first time is a way to set the tone of what someone wishes to portray. Over longer periods of time the general attitude or ideas will more clearly come to light by others around them. But the initial step can cause short term issues if not approached correctly. It can be prudent to make a better first impression to begin the relationship forming process on a more positive step. This can shorten the time someone has to prove themselves in more business like environments.


When entering a work place for the first time. They can choose how to approach their new co workers and give their first introductions. This is a chance to set the tone of how they want to be perceived in a professional setting. Taking time before entering their new company can give them a chance to reflect on what they want to say or do.


Getting to a new employers place of business on time can be a way to portray the idea that they take their responsibilities seriously. Instead of creating a good impression they should work, in this case, to avoid a negative first impression. Being late to the job can be an unfortunate start to a new career and can increase the time they will need to build up trust. This initial misstep should not be compounded by other later issues. This person, by not achieving the goal of arriving on time has most likely got off on the wrong foot and needs to recover their perceived lack of responsibility.


When the initial things go right, like getting to work on time for a new job, then the introduction process can be built on a more stable platform. Entering their workplace, it can be a good idea to meet and get the name of the receptionist or whoever controls access to the office. Approaching them in a friendly manner and giving a quick introduction to who they are and that the person should expect to see them again can give a positive first impression. As gatekeepers, these people will be meeting the entire office at one point or another during the day and having a cordial introduction with them can spread the word that the person is nice.


Moving from this area to further inside the office is away to meet and greet others seen along the way. Maintaining eye contact and giving a smile can give a general upbeat appearance to individual. These sight introductions will be most affected by the way someone dresses and their body posture. Possibly, the person used their interview process to gauge the average work dress type for the office. It is possible that while they wore more formal apparel for the interview that the normal work day attire is less so. This can be taken into account if they don't wish to stand out for the wrong reasons on their first day.


A part of the visual introduction that people will make when they see a new employee is their grooming and body posture. Holding their best posture, they can give the impression of more confidence and a relaxed persona. This can be more interesting or make people more forth coming to introduce them self later on. Grooming properly and having a clean appearance can also aid them in making a better first impression. This may not the time for someone to have overly strong cologne or perfume on. They should have their hair and facial features properly groomed for the office environment. All these visual factors can be taken into account by others.


As they get settled into their initial work day they can wait until breaks or lunch time to get to know others on a more personal level. This is an opportunity to approach gatherings in the break room or other relaxation areas and subtlety join into conversations. They can listen for what others are discussing and make a connection. Having something to say such as reading the reviews page of a company can contribute to the conversation. A brief introduction telling their name and saying they have just begun in combination with a comment can be appropriate. People will usually respond to this and engage them for a little of their background and then move on to other topics.


Approaching co workers can be kept more professional at first to get their bearings. Being polite and friendly will make their new transition easier. Probably, the best impression they could make would be if they can help someone accomplish a work related task more quickly or efficiently. This type of opportunity might not occur but if it presents itself, the person would make a more beneficial first impression.


As the work day progresses they can take time to meet others in the hallways or go meet their interviewer. Following the protocol they observe others doing, they can enter various offices to make these introductions. These can be short and to the point. Using the previously mentioned attributes, such as short direct introductions, maintaining eye contact, and confident posture, they can meet others for the first time on good terms. 

Making first impressions at the work place can be a good start to a new job. Using appropriate introduction methods the person can more readily set the tone for people's perception of their future behavior. Use the best websites to polish your speech. This can make the efforts at work more quickly appreciated and make their co worker accept them rapidly. An individual reading the above concepts and techniques can use these ideas to make their introduction a more productive experience. 

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