by Niharika Gupta on Monday 20 June 2011, 3:47 PM | Category: Miscellaneous| View: 999 views

The reason we even wish to be creative lies in this human faculty of curiosity. Without the essential quality there is no engine to start our questing. You hear some gossip; your curiosity is raised. You see a headline and you're drawn into the story. A movie trailer teases you visually, with words, action music and actors--- and you wish to see the entire film.

Every form of advertising and promotion, commerce and entertainment is based on understanding this strong desire to explore that dwells in the heart of everyone. You have an innate interest in what the world has to offer, what makes it all tick, what ideas others may have and which ideas you may develop.

This natural inclination is deeply embedded into our brain's neurons and pathways and is so vital that your very survival is based on its existence. Curiosity causes us to investigate things. It urges us to invent, to explore, to experiment and build. Imagine where humanity would be without it!

If that stick were placed on that rock and spun with enough force and friction next to some dry grass the miracle of fire could be produced. Fire, which had belonged only to Mother Nature as a wild force of unpredictable power and capacity, found its way into our very hands to be used and directed. Born of our curiosity. In our deepened simian eyes we could see it rage across plains, eat whole forests and explode in intense heat. Our curiosity brought us an invention in primordial history that was as dynamic and life changing as the 18th century development of the incandescent light bulb.

As a child you were constantly curious. You wanted to learn the 'why' the 'how come'--- about everything. You drove your poor parents wild with your questions, didn't you? What happened? In adulthood we seem to ask fewer and fewer questions. It's not only because we 'found' so many answers along the way. Rather, the very 'essence' of questing seems to have faded as the 'day-to-day' concerns of life and commerce impinge on our living.

Adults say they abhor 'idle curiosity' considering it some sort of indulgence that is unworthy, with no real purpose behind it. We want all our pastimes and efforts to contain 'useful knowledge'--after all that is an adult requirement.
We refuse to leave our 'comfort zones' to explore. It becomes harder and harder to go outside these perimeters and if we do occasionally, we always feel somehow threatened or overwhelmed.

By losing our curiosity, little by little, we lose our ability to create. A life with routine and measurable events replaces the spontaneous and creative spirit. New information is not sought after; new combinations are ignored.

What if Newton had simply ignored that falling apple--would our knowledge of gravity exist?

If Edward Land had not acknowledged the impatience of his daughters' desire to see those photographs -'right now'- would we have instant photography?

Therefore, Curiosity is also essential to be successful in life.

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