Tracking the Open Poopers

by Amit Bhushan on Wednesday 27 March 2019, 10:19 PM | Category: Politics| View: 392 views


Tracking the Open Poopers

                              By: Amit Bhushan                            Date: 27th Mar.2019


The political parties and Netas seem to have forgotten ways to ‘connect' with voters in the Social Media Yug. And this going to cost Netas of their Netadom and hence the Second and Third Flush as has been the Prophecy of the Game. There seems to be some euphoria (may be in some sections) on scientific achievements. However, the scientific achievements are not still able to ensure some solution for those who may still be pooping out in open and demarcate areas clearly, otherwise the political Netas would had had a lot of ‘discussion materials'. A side could have identified and attributed reasons including some possible ‘jumlas' while another could have ‘toilets'. The Satellite tech in such area can bring in wonders, if used properly, however seldom does Netas advise proper usage of technology and it is left to professionals, most of which are trained abroad and have little appreciation for solving such issues in spite of the ‘initiative at the highest levels'. However, scientist in public sector seldom want to ‘politicize' the development in such manner, but that might be ‘in for a change', possibly. While ‘topic' may be dismissed as overstretched one, however if it is substituted as hunt for ‘drinking water' in rural unsupplied areas, it becomes serious and similar thing happens on planning cannel supply of irrigation water (as I said, Netas will have to be creative on usage of technology for people rather than leaving it to government servants).

The ‘tough question politics' especially from ‘social media' has been mostly around such possible ‘usage or dimensions' of technology. However, the Netas who don't want to change would do everything to resist such ‘change', rather than ‘try flowing in the direction' of such ‘change'. Quite a few have already lost out (from ‘ticket race') and others are ‘just about in line'. If at all they are saved then it is on account of an equally idiotic ‘opposition', which is ‘reactive' rather focused on ‘maintaining ground connect'. This is even as they have the benefit of the Prophecy, that ‘Mudda politics' is on clear ‘trend rise'. And it's no longer even ‘just a prophecy', political experience from Gujarat onwards should have been an eye opener for the Netas. Of course some of the smarter Netas are already focused on the ‘ground connect' rather than ‘reactive' towards ‘hot air balloons', and the ‘Game sees and weighs it all'. The commercial news media refusing to recognize and understand, would soon be biting dust as the prophecy delivers it's forecast. This is likely in the form of Netas changing past opinions and sides to keep track of win ability in a chaotic relationship post elections including looking at all sides to reach-out to electorate which in case would become more demanding. Let the ‘Game' evolve…..

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