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Key Call Center Positions and What It Takes to Get Promoted

Aj Aviado | Monday 10 June 2013 ( 0 Comment)

 In this age of global connectivity, call centers are essential. They are the bridges between businesses and their customers, handling issues by receiving inbound calls and making outbound calls to ensure that the relationship between both parties remain stable.

Big companies rely on call centers to communicate efficiently with their audiences from around the world. To accomplish such task, these service companies conduct large operations with branches found worldwide. Today, outsourcing call centers has become a major trend for its cost efficiency and convenience, and for increased productivity.



Call Centers and BPOs - What`s the Difference?

A business process outsourcing company or BPO is in charge of handling a particular aspect of another business`s operations. An offshore call center is a specific kind of BPO, handling the customer service aspect of other companies.



Call Center Positions

Knowing the key roles in a call center is necessary in understanding what future the industry can offer you. It can also help you in preparing yourself for theresponsibilitie
that will be asked of you in leadership positions.



As the entry level position, a call center agent is on the frontline of the business. Agents are the ones directly interacting with customers and/or other companies through phone calls and emails, and they are responsible for guiding connected parties to resolving relevant issues.

Subject Matter Expert

SMEs are the specialists that the agents refer to when settling problems that require technical expertise. They can also be integrated into the actual customer handling process to quickly deliver the answer customers need.


Quality Analyst

Quality analysts monitor the performance of the call center agents. They identify strengths and weaknesses of the latter in dealing with customers in compliance with the call center`s policies. They work with the agents to implement methods that will better the process.


Team Leader

Team leaders serve multiple roles in a call center. Like quality analysts, they supervise the agents and address whatever performance issues they may have. Like SMEs, they can intervene during a call that demands their skill and knowledge. They also have a managerial role in handling agents, call cues and other administrative duties.


Operational Manager

Operational managers are in charge of general processes such as planning and scheduling, as well as coordinating with team leaders concerning performance issues. They also work with the IT department, analyzing the data to further enhance the operation.


Call Center Director

As the one with the highest position in a call center, the director is burdened with the greatestresponsibilitie
S/he oversees operations on a day-to-day basis, makes decisions on which agents will be staffed to handle calls, manages schedules, and pools and analyzes data regarding the entire operation. The director is ultimately responsible for meeting quotas demanded by the clients.



What You Need to Be to Get Promoted in the Call Center Industry

If you want to make your way up from being a simple agent to a team leader, and maybe even a director, there are certain traits that you need to develop to get those promotions. If you`re someone aiming to climb up the call center ladder, look into yourself and ask: do these aptly describe you?



Work in the call center industry requires strict adherence to a schedule. With advanced software used to predict customer activity, shifts have to be prepared and agents must be always ready to work those shifts in time to receive and/or make calls.

An agent coming in late to work will result in lines accumulating, holding up the entire process and frustrating customers. With a set number of agents handling calls, it will also add stress to other agents` workload, as they will be expected to pick up the slack. Respect your employer and fellow employees enough to come to work on time, and you can be a role model—a leader, worth following.



The work of a call center agent can be very tiring. You will be subjected to a wide range of people calling in to air their complaints and more often than not, they won`t be in a pleasant mood. If you are the one making the calls as an outbound agent, then you will have to try and convince people to hear what you have to say even when they don`t feel like it.

This lasts for the entire day, and it can be draining. However, you need to be able to show enthusiasm in what you do. A positive attitude will let you and the people on the other end of the phone have a more relaxed, and as a result, more efficientcorrespondence.
Having that passion is also essential in being a leader, as it helps energize subordinates to work just as hard.


A Good Communicator

Communication is the nature of this industry, so it only follows that to get on top, you need to be able to communicate effectively. When dealing with customers looking to have a problem of theirs solved, you have to be able to project confidence and know-how for them to put their trust in you, something which comes down to your manner of speaking.

Knowing how to listen is just as important as knowing how to speak. Listening isn`t just hearing what the customers are saying—it`s also understanding. This skill will also translate well into a leadership position when you have to coordinate with teams and administrators.


Team Oriented

Being able to communicate well should be followed by a drive to help every employee succeed. Any business is a team effort, and call centers are no different. When all agents are doing well, then that only means good thing for the company.

If some agents are having problems, take the initiative to lend a helping hand. It shows a real interest in wanting the call center to be excellent, and it also sets up a good working environment that makes everyone feel like they are integral to success.



Being a good communicator goes hand in hand with being patient. These two traits are indispensable in this industry, where agents have to deal with countless customers and/or clients all voicing their own issues in a generally tense environment.

You will be speaking with all sorts of people coming from various backgrounds, and this diversity can be a hindrance in solving issues properly. They might not be knowledgeable about the issue especially when it comes to tech support, or they might not be good at communicating the problem, entering the conversation in a very hostile manner.

You need to be able to show you`re willing to help, and that you can defuse the tension and tap into their more rational side.



As has already been mentioned, the call center industry is very demanding. Being an agent subjects you to long hours of talking to people who are already dealing with their own frustrations. You can be flooded with even more calls in case a big problem occurs that affects a large part of your client`s audience.

You are also locked into a tight schedule that can even have you working hours that are completely opposite to the rest of your country`s normal shifts. You have to be able to withstand the pressure and present yourself as a potential leader that can handle even bigger responsibilities.


If you think thesecharacteristics
already describe you, then all it takes is perseverance to bring you all the way to the top. If you find yourself lacking in some areas, you need to start building yourself to be able to rise up to the increasing challenges higher up in the hierarchy.




Aj Aviado is a Painter, Musician and an occasional writer for various awesome websites including Piton-Global. Which delivers superior business value by combining highly experienced agents, industry best practices and cutting edge call center technologies in a state-of-the-art setting.

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