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Looking at our actions

    Niharika Gupta | Saturday 25 June 2011, 2:59 PM | Category: Mass Media and Communications (0 Comments)        
Each of us defines our personal moral limits. Many have an internal gyroscope that reminds us when we begin to stray. It serves as the monitor of what we consider to be right or wrong, good or bad behavior. Although we might ascribe to a particular religious or philosophical system, ultimately,...

Watch out your thoughts

    Niharika Gupta | Saturday 25 June 2011, 2:48 PM | Category: Miscellaneous (0 Comments)        
 To keep at the top of your game you have to keep a clear head. You can't afford to fill up on news and negativity. The world's overflowing' with it and the only way to be a winner is to be in control of your thoughts. Your thoughts become words, your words become actions and...

Being Faithless

    Niharika Gupta | Saturday 25 June 2011, 2:45 PM | Category: Miscellaneous (0 Comments)        
Aside from how difficult it is to say the word, what does being faithless have to do with being successful? Isn't it important to HAVE faith? Absolutely, faith is important. It is equally important to be able to let go of a previously conceived notion of ourselves, in order to make room for...

Be Optimistic

    Niharika Gupta | Saturday 25 June 2011, 2:40 PM | Category: Miscellaneous (0 Comments)        
Have you ever wondered why some people feel down and defeated when faced with difficult situations, while others feel challenged and hopeful? Or why some people get all worked up and angry over small inconveniences and disagreements, while others respond more positively? These different reactions...

Can We talk?

    Niharika Gupta | Thursday 23 June 2011, 3:22 PM | Category: Miscellaneous (1 Comments)        
One of the easiest ways to complicate our lives is in the area of interpersonal Relationships, and the closer the people are to us, the more complicated it can get! Misunderstandings arise in the blink of an eye: a poor choice of words, an unconscious gesture, an incorrect interpretation,...
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